The instructional focus is on teaching job skills to students. We emphasize a hands-on practical program.

The Perez Staff provides job training on campus and in the community. These experiences help students transition from school to the workplace.

Benefits for Employers

Access to work-ready applicants.
Careful screening of applicants for dependability,work ethic, work readiness and soft skills
Placement as well as ongoing supervision, monitoring and support for students on the job


The Perez Staff assesses
students for job readiness as well as interests and abilities. This ensures a seamless transition into
the world of work.


Providing training in a variety of areas, including:

Auto Detailing
Building and Maintenance
Business and Office Skills
Career Assessment
Computer Technology
Culinary Arts
Independent Living Skills
Job Skills Development

Community Connections

The Perez Staff works cooperatively with families, local businesses, the Department of  Rehabiliation and Regional Center. This helps link students to important services that will provide support to them throughout their lives.



The Perez Staff provides employment and training for young adults with special needs. Our program serves Los Angeles Unified School District students that are 18 to 22 years old.


Benefits for Students

Development of skills in various areas, including:

Work readiness
Daily living
Self advocacy

Pre-employment preparation: resumes applications, interview techniques
Work experience opportunities
Career awareness
Structured work environment
Mobility training




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