George Washington

1st President of the United States, from April 30,1789 to March 3,1797

By Mari Kvryan


George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was born on Febuary 22, 1732, in Westmoreland Country, Virginia. His nickname was "Father of His Country."

His father was Augustine Washington and his mother's name was Mary Ball Washington. He was married to Martha Danridge Custis, on January 6, 1759. He had two adopted kids; they were John Parke custis and Martha Custis.


He did not have a formal education. He was a planter and a soldier. George was a Federalist, a Member of Virginia House of Burgesses, from 1759-1774. He was also a Member of Continental Congress, from 1774-1775 and a Chairman of the Constitutional Convention, from 1787-1788.

George Washington became president on April 30, 1789, with 69 electoral votes.

It's been said that George Washington always bowed to his home visitors.

George Washington was retired for three years in Mount Vernon. In December 14, 1799 he died of a throat infection.

For many months, people remembered him and mourned him.

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