Theodore Roosevelt


By Ricky Acosta

English 8/A Ms. Farge

One of the greatest presidents was the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt. Everyone called him Teddy. He was born October 27,1858,in New York,New York. His father's name is Theodore Roosevelt, and his mother 's name is Martha Bullock Roosevelt. He married Alice Hathaway Lee on October 27,1880. He graduated from Harvard Collage in 1880. He became an author then went to law school and became a lawyer and public official. Then,he became a member of the New York State Assembly (1882-1884) then became a member of civil service Commission (1889-1895). After the two jobs became assistant secretary of the Navy then was promoted to governor of New York and Vice President in 1901 under president Mc. Kinley. President Theodore Roosevelt was a representative. He was one of the greatest president of the 20th century. He sereved two terms which is eight years. Thats the longest period of time any president can ever serve. After two terms a president can know longer be a president againg. Sometimes a president will only serve one term. Sixtyone years later president Theodore Roosevelt died on January 6,1919in Oyster Bay New York.


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