Richard Milhous Nixon

By, Rochelle Castellanos

English 8A/ Ms. Farge


President Richard Milhous Nixon was our 37th President. He served as president from 1969-1974. He was born in California, in 1913, in Yorba Linda, CA .

His Father was Francis Anthony Nixon, and his mother was Hannah Milhous Nixon. He married Thelma Patrica Ryan, in 1912. He had two girls. He went to Whittier High School, where he earned his B.A. , in 1934. He also attended Duke University Law School.

He was a Quaker (A christian sect founded in the 17th century). His military services were Lieutent commander, US Navy; Commander U.S Naval Reserve (active duty, 1942-1946). His Political Party was Republican. He held the following offices: Member of U.S House of Representatives; U.S Senator ; Vice President . He served two terms, (1969-1973) (1973-1974- resighned).

In 1969, Nixon formulated a policy to withdraw from Vietnam. In 1969, in the scientific field, Neil Armstong and Edwin Aldrin walked on the moon. In 1971, he sent the National Guard to Kent State University. In 1972, there was a historic event in which Nixon visited Peking to meet with Mao tse-tung.

In Augst 9th, 1974, Nixon resigned and Ford became President. Richard Nixon was a very controversial president and has gone in history as a public figure of many faces.


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