Thomas Jefferson


By Efrain Andrade


Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States from March 4,1801 to March 3,1809. His nicknames were "Man of the people", and "Sage of Monticello". He was born on April 13,1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. His parents were Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph Jefferson. He married Martha Wayles Skelton, on January 1, 1772. His children were Martha Washington Jefferson (1772-1836); Jane Randolph Jefferson (1774-75);infant son (1777); Mary Jefferson (1780-81);Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1780-81);Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1782-85).

Thomas Jefferson graduated from The College of William and Mary, in 1762. He was a lawyer and a planter. His Political party was Democratic Republican. He had other government positions like member of The Virginia House of Burgesses (1769-74), member of The Continental Congress (1775-76), and Governor of Virginia (1779-81).

Thomas Jefferson was reelected in 1804. Thomas Jefferson succeeded Benjamin Franklin as minister to France. Thomas Jefferson resigned in 1793.


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