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Metal Shop Safety Test

Course Name:  Metal Shop or Machine Shop
Quiz Number:  1
Teacher:  Mr. C S Wilken
Teacher's Home Page:  lausd.k12.ca.us/~cwilken
Teacher's Email:   cwilken@lausd.k12.ca.us
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No. of Questions= 35
Pass mark is - 100 %.

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You will need to pass the safety test with a score of 100% before you can work in the shop. You need to be very aware of all the possible hazards before you put yourself at risk. You may use the following words once or more than once in the fill in answers. Spelling counts so type carefully. If you spell a word wrong the computer will mark it wrong. Most people do not get 100% on the first try so relax and learn about safety.

1 In case you receive an injury in the shop, you should report it at once to your
2 Heavy objects, machine parts, and accessories should be move with
3 Heavy articles (things) should be placed well back from the edge of the bench since they may
4 Soldering fluxes must be kept away from the eyes because they may contain
5 To protect your eyes when grinding, you must look through the wire-glass guards or wear
6 Where there is danger of flying chips or particles in the operation of any machine, you should always wear
7 It is dangerous to use a hammer with a loose handle because the hammer head may
8 Sharp tools or pieces of metal should not project over the edges of benches as someone passing may be
9 Paint, enamel, lacquer or solvents must not be used near flames or sparks because they are
10 The best counter agent (thing to help you) for soldering flux and other acids or chemicals is
11 A welding flame applied to a closed pipe or tank may cause an
12 Cold pieces of metal or water thrown into molten metal will cause
13 The welding torch must be kept free from
14 Acetylene and oxygen tanks for gas welding must be handled carefully because of the danger of
15 Empty container of flammable solvents and materials should never be heated as the fumes may cause
16 When using the drill press, small pieces of stock (material) must be held in a
17 The tool rest must be set close to the grinding wheel to prevent work from becoming
18 All machine "set-ups" should be checked by the teacher before the power is
19 Before using any power machine, for the first time, you must get the permission of your
20 You should hold material below center on the buffing wheel and stand to the
buffing.jpg (3021 bytes)
21 If the instructor is out of the room, all power machines must be
22 When you have finished using a machine, all automatic power feeds should be turned
23 Do not remove chips or cuttings from a machine with your
24 When work extends beyond the end of the lathe, a piece of cloth mus be
25 When mounting work between centers in the lathe, the tailstock should be
tailstock.jpg (5503 bytes)
26 When changing belts and gears, the machine should be
27 If you are not operating a machine, you must remain outside of the
28 After setting up a machine, all machines must be moved manually through a complete cycle by hand before power is turned on to make sure there is adequate clearance and work is properly
29 It is dangerous to talk to anyone operating a machine because their attention may be distracted causing
30 If you find the equipment out of adjustment or in need of repair you should report it to
31 Molten metal is carried close to the ground in minimize danger in case of
32 Oily rags and waste should be disposed of in a covered metal
33 You should take care when handling metal around the welding area or a furnace area because the metal there may be
34 You must always wear darkened glasses or welding masks when welding to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of UV (ultraviolet)
35 You must turn the machine off when oiling, adjusting or cleaning the machine so as to avoid the dangers of getting your __________ caught in moving parts

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