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       To get points for looking at links please click on the assignment sheet associated with that link.  You will need to have two instances of the browser open to do this.  One will have the assignment sheet form and the other will have the link site that you are studying.  Your work will be emailed to the teacher or  if you like you may print out a paper assignment sheet for doing in class.  

How Metal is made

Where does Aluminum Come From? This lesson in how the Reynolds Metals Company converts bauxite ore into alumina and aluminum.    Assignment Sheet


Bethlehem Steel displays the processes that go into producing iron and then steel.  They diagram the process of steel finishing tutorial  1st
test          2nd
further study
further study printout


This site shows how many everyday items work;  From motors to computers. Assignment Sheet

(print out)

Atacama Dessert Trek Machinists often get involved with engineers to build prototype projects.  Here is an interesting one! online assignment
assignment printout
Lazer Cutting An explanation on how laser cutting works assignment coming soon
How To Make Springs This site will teach you how to make springs assignment comming soon

The Little Engine Pages

These pages will be concerned primarily with Stirling Engines, other external combustion engines  assignment coming soon



Trade Organizations:

The National Tooling and Machining Association The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) is the national representative of the
custom precision manufacturing industry in the United States. 
assignment coming soon
Junior Engineering Technical Society JETS' mission is GUIDANCE. Effective guidance is an active, participatory process. JETS therefore provides activities, events, competitions, programs, and materials that involve students with engineers and demonstrate what engineers do. assignment coming soon
agmalogo.jpg (6156 bytes)American Gear Manufacturers Association AGMA is a full-service trade association representing about 400 manufacturers and users of gears and gearing products, suppliers of equipment and services to the industry, individual consultants and academicians. assignment coming soon

Education and Training:


College Level Machine Shop Presentations

These pages will introduce some of the basics of machine tool use for prototype fabrication.  assignment coming soon
US Army Machine Shop Class online The U.S. Army's online course on Machine Shop assignment coming soon
A short course in trigonometry Trigonometry is useful. If you would like to learn a bit about trigonometry, or brush up on it, then read on.  assignment coming soon

Manufacturing Sites

JhnStlk.jpg (19208 bytes)



John Stolk of Stolk Machine Shop

Welcome to the Stolk Machine Shop web site. We have the expertise, the facilities, the people, and responsive attitude that will guarantee your success.   assignment coming soon
rgslogo.gif (5408 bytes) All of the parts that we produce are to the Finest Quality of Precision Machining. As Technology changes rapidly RGS is keeping up to date with the times.   assignment coming soon
We have a broad range of equipment that offers high speed machining on modern multiple, single spindle automatics and CNC machines, for 1 to 1,000,000 pieces.
assignment coming soon
Plastic Tank Manufacture We are a custom fabricator of Plastic Tanks and products.  assignment coming soon
unified.gif (8457 bytes) Unified Machine & Design is a fast, friendly, full service machine shop
specializing in R&D projects, repairs, modifications,
prototypes and small quantity production.
assignment coming soon
tbm-anim.gif (69282 bytes)





Thunder Bay Manufacturing

Thunder Bay Manufacturing Corporation of Alpena, producers of gray, alloy, ductile iron, and machinery castings, is a modern foundry and machine shop standing ready to meet your casting and machining needs.
assignment coming soon


AWSindexlogo2.gif (5340 bytes) Our mission is to provide products and services to our members and our industry which will advance the science, technology and application of materials joining throughout the world.-- Since 1919 assignment coming soon
journal.gif (9268 bytes) Each month the WELDING JOURNAL delivers news of the industry from the forefront of welding and metal fabricating worldwide. Stay informed on the latest products, trends, technology and events via in-depth articles, full-color photos and illustrations, and timely, cost-saving advice assignment coming soon

More Links

Metal and Machine Links Metal and Machinist Links for the home machinist assignment coming soon