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Machining Fundamentals

An online course supplement

     This yearlong course will examine the fundamentals of Machining Technology and the Machine Tool Trade. It is a course that will assist students who are currently studying the machine technology trade as well as instructors who would like to assign supplementary and supporting assignments to their existing course. It will serve as a tutorial with feedback as well as a lively area for discussion of current machine technology ideas and processes using state of the art asynchronous discussion areas. The course will cover the important themes of current technology, safety, measurement, processes, machinery, techniques, quality control, and traditional and non-traditional techniques. Students can work at their own pace and move through the content at their own pace. . The course is set up so that a student can enter and leave at anytime during the year. Teachers and students can participate in lively discussion topics that will change every week during the year. This is not a stand-alone class but will be used as a supplement to Machine Technology classes. Teachers anywhere on the web can use the resources available on the website for their classes too.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this course students will have an overview of what the machinist trade is like. They will be able to describe various materials used in industry and have a good idea of the range of machines that can be used to process the materials. Students will be able to identify whether a part should be made on a mill, a lathe or another machine. They will be able to describe with 90% accuracy the order of operations that are necessary to manufacture an accurate close tolerance machined part. Students enrolled for the whole year will score above 80% on the BI-yearly final exams.

Students will broaden their world view by interacting with other students studying these technologies online on discussion sites and sharing ideas with them about their thoughts, ideas and discoveries about the industry. By visiting a broad range of industry web sites students will increase their interest in the technology. This will become apparent when they share the links and the discussion of the links that they find about the industry on the Internet.

Students will be able to identify what type of career path they are interested in within the manufacturing fields such as machining, quality control, assembly, engineering, or management. It is expected that students participating in this supplemental class activity will perform 10-20% higher on regular written quizzes and tests in their face to face classes. The teacher will offer points for participation in this program that will raise the student’s grade to the degree that they participate.


Description of Content

Format: Machine Technology Online Class WebPages

There are three main supplementary focuses

Tutorials and quizzes on common machine shop skills

Self graded quizzes on reading content

Weekly discussions online on the topic(s) of the week


Shop safety test

Measuring; Each category gets a tutorial and a quiz. The quizzes are corrected and emailed to the teacher.

Rulers (maybe when I take the JavaScript class I can make a portable ruler!)



Dial Indicators

Self-Graded Quizzes on reading content:

Modern machining by Walker(our text) questions:

Bonus points assignments and or tutorials There will be a "Quizplease" tutorial for various themes within the chapter. When the student believes they are ready for a quiz they can try one. The results will be sent by email to the teacher.


(Using Nicene Each week and there will be a Weekly Discussion that is related to one of the chapters in the book that the teacher is covering. Students will participate in discussions and netseraches for information about the weekly theme.

Sample Conferencing Questions:

-Search the Internet to find a machine shop where you could machine 5-inch diameter stainless steel on lathes. Discuss what sites you found and how big the shops are.

-What are some of the brand names of the CNC machine tools that are out there and what are their capabilities?

-Look at the NTMA (National Tool and Machining Association) web page. What kinds of things do they do? What do they do to help students? Post your comments to the discussion area.

-Search the Internet for schools that offer engineering degrees. Where are they? What are they like? Would you ever consider going to one? Post your comments in the discussion area.

-Do a search on the Terms Machine Shop or Manufacturing. Are most of the shops on the Internet small medium or large? Do you think they get much business from the Internet? Do you think they will get more in the future?

Course Requirements

Students participating in this program will be expected to log on to the Internet at least twice a week to participate in the discussions. Thoughtful participation is the basis of the activity points assigned. Students will be assigned a chapter in a book to read and then will follow that chapter’s tutorial to test their recall and review the content. Later students will take an online quiz that will be automatically graded and emailed to the instructor.

Course Evaluation

Suggested grading:

Online points will be added to the other points received from the normal classroom environment. The points will be given in the following manner:

Online Chapter quizzes = .5 points per correct answer

Online discussions = The teacher will assign approximately 1 point per paragraph of pertinent discussion of the subject. (No points for idle chatting).

 Required Resources

Machining Fundamentals by John R. Walker,  The Goodheart-Wilcox Co Inc, ISBN 1-56637-403-0

A 486 PC computer or equivalent connected to the Internet

An Email account is preferred to give feedback to your work.

Course Syllabus

(Will follow chapters approximately 1 week each)

Chapter 1 Intro to Machine Technology (3 weeks)

1. Extensive tutorial on intro concepts with the Quizplease tutorial

Conference topic: See items listed in sample conferencing

Chapter 2 Shop Safety

Conference topic: What kinds of clothing should be and should not be worn by a machinist. What can you do to safeguard you’re








Chapter 3 Understanding Drawings

Conference topic: Discuss the following topics and compare their use and or historical use:

Sketch, blueprint, drawing, CAD

Chapter 4. Measurement

Conference topic: There have historically been many ways of measuring the world around us. Discuss the following units. Meters Inches, Feet, Spans, and Cubits. Also what units do we currently use in the United States and why?

Chapter 5 Layout Work

Conference topic:

Why is layout work important in the machinist trade? See if you can find companies on the Internet that does nothing but layout work of parts to be machined. Add any links found to the links conference.

Chapter 6 Hand Tools

Conference topic: A. Find some links for historic hand tools that we don’t use anymore. B. Find links to companies where hand tools can be purchases. Describe a state of the art hand tool you have discovered.

Chapter 7 Fasteners

Conference topic: Give some examples of fasteners. Find some companies that manufacture fasteners and post their links and share with us what they make.

Chapter 8 Jigs and Fixtures

Conference topic: What is a tool and Die maker?

Chapter 9 Cutting Fluids

Conference topic: What is the current controversy with regards to Wet Machining vs. dry machining? Show your links.

Chapter 10 Drills and Drilling Machines

Conference topic: Search for Companies that specialize in drilling. What kinds of things do they do?

Chapter 11 Offhand Grinding

Conference topic: Search for De-Burring Companies. Are there companies that do nothing but deburring for a business?

Chapter 12 Sawing and Cutoff Machines

Conference topic: Compare the saws in your shop with the new cutoff technologies you find on the net. Be sure to also include information about automatic bar feed devices.

Chapter 13 - The Lathe

Conference topic: Compare the lathes in your shop with the Numerical Controlled lathes you find on the Internet.

Chapter 14 Cutting Tapers and Screw Threads on the Lathe

Conference topic: Find a link somewhere on the Internet that describes how to cut threads by hand. Discuss what challenges you find in making a thread come out right on a manual machine.

Chapter 15 Other Lathe Operations

Conference topic: Compare making a taper on a manual machine with one on a NC machine.

Chapter 16 - Broaching Operations

Conference topic: Find some companies on the Internet that specialize in the broaching of machined parts

Chapter 17 The milling machine

Conference topic: How big is a milling machine. Show your links

Chapter 18 Milling Machine Operations

Conference topic: What attachments can be put on a milling machine? Show your links.

Chapter 19- Precision Grinding

Conference topic: How much material is left on parts before they are precision ground? What are other considerations that a manufacturer must think about when pre-machining parts for grinding. How does heat treatment affect the part?

Chapter 20 Band Machining

Conference topic: Find examples of this technology on the Internet. Show your links and make comments.

Chapter 21 Computer Numerical Control

Conference topic: Find a page that describes the history of CNC machining. Show your links and make comments

Chapter 22 Automated Manufacturing

Conference topic: Discuss the levels of control in automated manufacture

Chapter 23 - Quality Control

Conference topic: How do different shops handle quality control? What are the emerging standards? What are some of the technologies?

Chapter 24 Metal Characteristics

Conference topic: What is the study of metallurgy.

Give some examples of the following characteristics






What are alloys and which ones are on the cutting edge of technology?

Chapter 25 Heat Treatment of Metals

Conference topic:

Stress Relief Describe one of various types of stress relief treatments

Carbon Steel - Describe one of various types of carbon steel treatments

Chapter 26 - Metal Finishing

Conference topic: So what is the big deal about various finishes. Why might we want a smooth or rough finish?

Chapter 27 Electro-machining Processes

Conference topic: Find some companies on the Internet that specializes in this process. Show your links

Chapter 28 Nontraditional Machining Techniques

Conference topic: Find some companies on the Internet that specializes in Non-Traditional Machining

Chapter 29 Other Processes

Conference topic: What special problems are presented in machining plastics, nylon, Teflon or other non-traditional materials?

Chapter 30 Occupations in Machining Technology

Conference topic: What do you like? What fields of the Machine Trade, Manufacturing Trade or Engineering trade appeal to you and why?