1.0 The responsibility for providing for reasonably safe working conditions which are in conformance with applicable law and which are within fiscal constraints shall be the District's. Employees shall be responsible for complying with safety procedures and practices and for reporting to the immediate supervisor as soon as possible any unsafe condition, facility, or equipment. There shall be no reprisal against an employee for reporting any unsafe condition, facility, or equipment.

2.0 A sworn employee shall not be required to work a night shift field assignment or extra duty field assignment during hours of darkness without a partner; provided, however, that a single individual may be assigned by the District when necessary to provide required services.

3.0 The District shall continue its present practice of providing each non-uniformed officer who is required to work patrol in a marked School Police Department vehicle for use in such assignment, a windbreaker clearly identifying the employee as a peace officer for the District.

4.0 In view of the nature of the duties performed by bargaining unit personnel, the District, upon request by POA, will meet with POA's representative and two of its members to consult on matters related to safety and equipment provided by the Department. Such meetings shall be arranged by mutual agreement.