1.0 For the purpose of this Article, "transfer" means a permanent change of work location of an employee without a change of classification or a change in assignment to or from patrol.

2.0 Involuntary Transfers: An involuntary transfer of an employee is one instituted by the District. Involuntary transfers may occur at any time at the discretion of the District only after the approval of the Chief Officer or his designee. Involuntary transfers will not be made solely for disciplinary reasons. Routine transfers made pursuant to Section 2.2 below or which are made in circumstances including, but not limited to, the following are deemed to not be for disciplinary reasons: Transfers due to rotation of personnel, assignments to vacancies created by other voluntary or involuntary transfers, assignments to vacancies created by leaves or separations from the District, and assignment to a different location following return from leave.

2.1 Any employee who is involuntarily transferred shall be entitled to a statement of the reason(s) for the transfer upon written request to the Chief Officer made within five days of the effective date of the transfer.

2.2 No employee shall be involuntarily transferred based upon a recommendation of an appropriate site administrator unless the following procedures are followed: The reason(s) for the appropriate site administrator's recommendation must be presented in writing to the employee's immediate supervisor who shall present a copy of the written reason(s) to the involved employee. If the employee is not satisfied with the reason(s) set forth, the employee may request a consultation with the appropriate site administrator and the employee's immediate supervisor, or in appropriate cases the Assistant Chief Officer, during which consultation the reason(s) for the recommended transfer shall be explained to the employee and the employee's views on the matter considered. The District will use its best efforts to make any transfer pursuant to this Section 2.2 within the same geographic administrative region or a geographically adjacent region. An employee shall be given at least seven (7) calendar day(s) advance written notice of an involuntary transfer by the Assistant Chief Officer or designee. Reassignment to the School Police Department Central Office for a period of two weeks or less shall not be considered a transfer.

2.3 Except for involuntary transfers which are claimed to be solely for disciplinary reasons as described above, and which are subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of Article V, the decision of the Director of the Police and Administrative Services or his/her designee shall be final in all involuntary transfers.

3.0 Voluntary Transfer: When an employee desires a transfer, the employee must fill out the appropriate District form and submit it to the appropriate Assistant Chief Officer for approval. The employee's transfer request may be submitted directly to the Assistant Chief Officer who shall then cause the request to be commented upon by the supervisors of the requesting officer.

When a vacancy occurs, the employee=s request will be submitted to the Assistant Chief Officer with the responsibility where the vacancy exists.

The Department shall post any known anticipated vacancy that it is aware of more than one month in advance of the vacancy. A copy of such known vacancies shall be transmitted to the POA for distribution to interested officers.

The Assistant Chief Officer may, within his/her discretion, either approve or reject the transfer. However, seniority shall be one factor used in the decision by the Assistant Chief Officer. In those situations in which the Assistant Chief determines, at his or her sole discretion, that all other factors are equal between applicants for the vacancy, classification seniority within the Department shall be the tie-breaker, with the most senior employee receiving the transfer. The District shall send to the POA, at the POA office, a monthly roster of all assignments within the School Police Department.

For transfers rejected during the school year, upon written request within five (5) days by the employee rejected, the Assistant Chief Officer shall state the specific reason(s) for the rejection in writing to the Chief Officer who will render a final decision, and upon written request by the employee, the Chief Officer shall provide written reason(s) for the employee=s rejection. An employee=s transfer request shall remain on file from July 1 through June 30, or until he/she obtains an approved transfer, withdraws the transfer request or terminates employment. An offer of transfer to a requested location, including to or from patrol, may not be declined unless the employee has previously withdrawn the request in writing.


4.0 The initial assignments of employees following their completion of academy training or from eligibility lists are not subject to the provisions of this Article.


5.0 Change in Detective Section or Area of Responsibility: When an employee in the class of Police Detective desires a change to another Detective Section or area of responsibility (except Special Operations Unit), the employee must fill out the appropriate District form and submit it to the appropriate Assistant Chief or Chief Officer for approval. When a vacancy occurs, the Assistant Chief or Chief Officer may within his discretion either approve or reject the request. For requests rejected during the school year and upon written request within five (5) days by the employee rejected, the Assistant Chief or Chief Officer shall inform the employee of the reason(s) for the rejection.