1.0 Schedule: Employees shall be evaluated in accordance with the following schedule provided, however, that nothing contained in this Article shall apply to evaluations which take place during and relating to an employee's training.

a. Probationary employees shall be given a performance evaluation no less than twice during their probationary period. However, if during the probationary period any items on the evaluation form are rated unsatisfactory, then the employee may be evaluated every month during the remainder of the probationary period.

b. Permanent employees shall be given performance evaluations at least once every year.

2.0 Procedure to be followed: Performance evaluation reports shall be made on forms prescribed by the District or may be done by separate memorandum.

2.1 Evaluations shall be based on observations or knowledge during the evaluation period and not upon unsubstantiated charges or rumors. Unit members' attendance shall be evaluated on the District's evaluation form in the same manner as other classified employees. In addition, no evaluation shall be based upon derogatory materials in the employee's personnel file unless the employee has previously been given prior notice of same, an opportunity to review and comment upon it, and had such comments attached to the materials.

In addition, the performance evaluation of resident officers will be based in part on input provided by the site administrator in accordance with the following procedures:

a. Where an employee has been regularly assigned as a resident officer the site administrator shall complete a performance report on a District-provided form. The form is to be completed at least annually. 

b. The employee, the first-level evaluator, and the site administrator shall meet to discuss the content of the site administrator's performance report.

c. The performance report completed by the site administrator shall be attached to the employee's annual evaluation report when the annual evaluation report is prepared by the first-level evaluator.

2.2 The first-level evaluator shall discuss the written performance evaluation report with the employee. Both the immediate supervisor and the employee will sign the evaluation. Signature of the employee means only that the employee has received a copy of the evaluation. Employees may attach any written comments to the evaluation at their option if submitted within thirty (30) days of the date of employee receipt. Copies of the evaluation together with any attachments will then be distributed as follows: one copy to the employee, one copy to the personnel file, and one copy to the evaluator.

2.3 If any category on the performance report is rated lower than "meets standards," the following will be included on the evaluation:

a. Statement of the problem or concern,

b. The desired improvement,

c. Suggestions as to how to improve, and

d. Provisions for assisting the employee

3.0 Appeal: If the employee disagrees with the evaluation, the employee shall have the right to obtain a review (in the form of a formal meeting, if requested) of the evaluation by the Chief Officer or designee (an Assistant Chief not involved in the evaluation) by submitting a request in writing within ten (10) days of the receipt of the evaluation. An employee may, within five (5) days of the response, appeal the decision of the Chief Officer (or designee) to the Assistant Superintendent, School Operations whose decision shall be final.

4.0 A formal grievance concerning a Notice of Unsatisfactory Service or Act that does not recommend disciplinary action filed under Article V (Grievance Procedure) shall be limited to a claim that the procedures in Sections 2.1 and 2.2 above, have not been followed.

5.0 No grievance arising under this Article shall challenge the substantive objectives, standards, or criteria determined by the evaluator or the District, nor shall it contest the judgment of the evaluator. Grievances concerning evaluations shall be limited to a claim that the procedures of this Article have not been followed.

6.0 Summaries of Conference: A summary of conference is a written record briefly outlining a discussion/conference prepared after a meeting between the employee and the supervisor or administrator.

Any existing or future summary of conference for which there is no repetition of the concern, event, conduct or incident which gave rise to the summary of conference memorandum, except those relating to serious misconduct such as theft, substance abuse, or violence, shall be void after four (4) years from the date of issuance and upon request of the employee, such summaries of conference shall be removed from the employee's files.