1.0 No Strikes: Apart from and in addition to any existing legal restrictions upon and remedies for work stoppage, POA agrees to the following:

a. During the term of this Agreement, neither POA nor its respective

officers or representatives shall urge, call, sanction or engage in any work stoppage, slowdown, or other concerted interference with normal District operations for any cause whatsoever. In the event of any actual or threatened strike, slowdown, or other work stoppage, POA and its officers, representatives and affiliates shall take all reasonable steps within their control to avert or end the same; and

b. Any employee engaging in any strike, slowdown, or other work

stoppage may be subjected to discipline or termination under applicable law.

2.0 No Lockouts: The District agrees that it shall not engage in a lockout of unit members during the term of this Agreement. The term "lockout" is intended to cover a situation where the employer refuses to permit employees to work in an effort to obtain bargaining concessions from POA.

3.0 Disputes arising under this Article are to be handled according to appropriate legal proceedings rather than the grievance procedures of Article V.