1.0 Access: Any authorized POA representative shall have the right of reasonable access to District facilities for the purpose of contacting employees and transacting matters. Upon arriving at a work site, the representative shall first report to the office of the site administrator and state the intended purpose and length of visit. The representative may contact employees during duty free lunch periods, before and after employees' hours of service, or when the employee is not engaged in duties. The representative shall not interrupt any employee's duties or assignments.

2.0 Bulletin Boards: POA shall have the right to post notices of POA official matters on a bulletin board or a section of a bulletin board at each work site where employees are assigned.

3.0 Released Time for Negotiations: No more than three (3) negotiating team employee representatives designated by POA shall be released from duty with no loss of pay for the purpose of attending negotiation meetings with the District pursuant to this Agreement. POA and the District may agree that additional employees shall receive such released time.

4.0 POA shall be provided quarterly a listing of employees in the unit, including name, employee number, class code and title, work location, and mailing address.

5.0 POA Representative: POA will have the right to designate, pursuant to its own procedures, up to four (4) unit employees to serve as POA's representatives. POA shall inform the Office of Staff Relations in writing of each employee so designated. POA's representative shall have the right to:

a. Represent another employee, upon request, in a grievance

meeting as expressly provided for in Article V, Section 2.1 (Grievance Procedures).

b. On his/her own time coordinate POA meetings, which

may be held on the work site during unpaid time for any employee in attendance, subject to availability of facilities and provided that there is no interference with other scheduled duties or events;

c. Post, initial, and date official POA notices on a bulletin board

designated by the site administrator for such purposes; and

d. Report to the appropriate administrator upon discovery and

without delay any unsafe or unsanitary conditions at the work site.

6.0 Release Time Bank: A sworn employee may voluntarily contribute any earned compensatory time off to a separate Release Time Bank to be maintained by the District and thereby waive his/her right to the usage of, or payment for, such compensatory time off. Such irrevocable contributions shall be in hourly increments and shall be made on a signed District form submitted to the designated payroll clerk during the payroll period in which the compensatory time off is earned. POA shall have the right, upon request, to be informed as to the balance of hours in the Release Time Bank. For purposes of this Article, "compensatory time off" shall include earned vacation, and compensatory time off accrued for holidays which fall on the employee's regular day off.

6.1 The Office of Staff Relations shall be informed in writing each school year as to the names of thirteen (13) employees designated by POA, pursuant to its own procedures, who shall be eligible to draw against the Release Time Bank. Up to three (3) designated employees at any one time may then use any contributed compensatory time-off in order to be released from duty without loss of pay to conduct official POA business, provided, however, that such usage does not conflict with the operations of the District. Such usage shall be in hourly increments of no less than one (1) hour. Exceptions may be made in the sole discretion of the District.

6.2 Use of the Release Time Bank shall be subject to at least two (2) days advance written notification on a District form to be submitted to the Chief Officer or his designee. Such notification shall include the reason(s) and estimated length of the requested release time. The Chief Officer may deny the request if it is contrary to the intent of this Section in which case the designated employee shall be informed as to the specific reason for such denial. The decision of the Chief Officer in such cases shall be final.

6.3 A status report shall be provided to POA every three (3) months as to the balance of hours in the Release Time Bank, once the information becomes available on-line through a computerized data retrieval system. Until the information is available on-line through a computerized data retrieval system, the information will be provide to POA every six (6) months.

8.0 Release Time for District-Sponsored Committees or Meetings: When POA is requested by the District to designate an employee to attend or participate in a District-sponsored committee or meeting, one designated employee shall be given reasonable released time with no loss of pay to attend. Unless otherwise agreed to, expense of attending such meetings shall be borne by POA or the employee. Employees are expected to report to work before or after attendance, if practical. Additional employees may be released upon approval of the Assistant Chief, Support Services.

8.1 To minimize the impact on School Police operations, POA shall, whenever feasible, designate either an off-duty employee or a non-District individual to attend such meetings. To the extent that released time is needed, the supervisor and the employee shall make every effort, where practical, to modify the employee's work schedule so as to minimize the amount of released time required for attendance.

8.2 The parties understand that the immediate needs of the School Police Department may, at any given time, prevent the release of a particular employee, in which case POA will be advised and may designate another employee to attend.

9.0 Pursuant to and consistent with the provisions of California Education Code Section 45210, the District shall, upon request of the POA, grant the POA President 100% release time for a period of not less than one fiscal year, with the POA to timely reimburse the District for the full costs of such a release (including the costs of salary, health and welfare benefits and all other forms of compensation costs to the District) pursuant to the terms of Section 45210.

9.1 The POA shall provide the above-referenced reimbursement to the District in the form of timely cash payment, but may augment that payment with the dollar value of release time from the POA Release Time Bank, based upon the dollar value of those hours calculated upon the donating officer=s hourly rate.

10.0 The District agrees to provide to new regular employees in the unit at the time they are processed materials containing accurate information about POA which materials POA furnishes to the District for such dissemination.