THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this 13th day of May, 1997 by and between the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District, which together with its administrative staff and representatives will be referred to in this Agreement as the "District" and the Los Angeles Unified School District Peace Officers Association, which together with its officers and representatives will be referred to in this Agreement as "POA." The purpose of this Agreement is to establish wages, hours of employment and other terms and conditions of employment within the scope of negotiations under the Rodda Act, to promote harmonious employer-employee relations, and provide a procedure for the resolution of grievances arising from alleged violations of certain provisions of this Agreement.




1.0 The Unit: Pursuant to applicable California statutes, regulations and the Certification of Representation dated November 2, 1982, in P.E.R.B. Case No. LA-R-1A, D-102, the District acknowledges that POA has been certified as the exclusive representative of a bargaining unit comprised of the following employees of the District.

1.1 Included: All regular employees in probationary and permanent status, including CETA and other restricted and part-time employees, employed in the following classes:

4236 Plant Security Aide
4241 Plant Security Aide (Saturday, Sunday and Holiday)
4221 Police Officer
4215 Police Detective
4224 Senior Police Officer

2.0 Changes to the Unit: The parties agree that this represents the appropriate unit. The unit may be revised only by mutual agreement or by a Public Employment Relations Board unit clarification decision, but it is agreed that neither party may file for a unit clarification proceeding involving this unit except when the District creates new classifications or when POA contends that certain classifications should be accrued to the unit. Disputes over unit composition and alleged violations of this Article are not subject to the grievance and arbitration procedures of this Agreement.

3.0 "Employee" Defined: Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the terms "employee" or "employees" will normally be used in this Agreement to indicate persons who are included within the above unit, and the term "personnel" will normally be used in a broader sense to include employees as defined above plus all other persons utilized by the District to provide services.