The Elementary Principals' Organization (EPO) represents elementary schools and elementary school administrators in the Los Angeles Unified School District as "an arm of the Superintendent". Each local District elects two representatives and two alternates to attend executive board meetings. The executive board meets monthly to discuss issues affecting elementary schools. Any principal with ideas to improve elementary schools and the services schools receive or with issues which need resolution should contact their local District representative or one of the committee chairpersons. If you'd like, you can send us a message right now by using the following link: Send us a message.

Monthly executive board meetings are held during which representatives are able to discuss issues with leaders from various offices such as the Office of Instruction, Staff Relations, or Research and Evaluation. Representatives bring issues from their local Districts. Issues are either sent to the appropriate committee to be discussed with district personnel who can affect change or sometimes position statements are drafted when issues of general concern remain unresolved. Our EPO sponsor is Judy Burton, Superintendent of local District B.

EPO has also taken a leading position in professional development for elementary principals. The board and members plan professional development for regional and citywide meetings designed to update and improve our leadership and instructional skills and knowledge.

Each month the secretary takes minutes of the meetings which include the latest district updates and critical discussion relating to issues brought to the table by elected representatives from the clusters. Although all representatives have the minutes, this year in order to keep you better informed, we will be posting draft copies on this website and sending drafts to all principals following executive council meetings. If you do not receive a copy you may request copies from your cluster EPO representative or from any of the officers.

Officers of the 2002-2003 Elementary Principals' Organization are:
President: Susan Lio Arcaris
President Elect: Richard Lopez
Vice President: Vickie Verches
Past President: Marian Fortunati
Treasurer: Judi Mintz
Recording Secretary: Shari Moelter
Corresponding Secretary: Elizabeth Cervantes

Subcommittees of EPO include:
Professional Development ....... Chair: Vickie Verches
Business and Operations ....... Chair: Judy Franks
Critical Issues/ Instruction and Operations ..... Chairs: Richard Lopez

In addition, several Ad Hoc committees meet regularly:
Year Round Schools, chaired by Consuelo Garcia / Annette Kessler
Finance, cochaired by Richard Lopez, Karen Rose, Judy Franks
Standards Based Promotion/Intervention, chaired byCheryl Mueller
Focus on Student Achievement, chaired by Vicky Verches
Special Education, chaired by Sandy Carter, Angel Barrett
Title 1, chaired by Marian Fortunati
Technology, chaired by Frank Beltran

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