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SSIS Management Tools Overview

The purpose of this section, SSIS Management Tools, is to provide ideas and/or examples of activities which may be under the supervision of an administrator or an SSIS Coordinator. It is not designed to be a comprehensive document, or to be a statement of required policies and procedures. It is to be a template for stimulating conversation at your site. Any of these items may be obtained on a disk which provides you the opportunity to change, delete and/or add information to match what your site needs.

With your assistance, this section will be under constant change. As new information is added or current information is updated you will be notified in the Secondary SIS Newsletter, in the “SSIS Management Tools” Section. No one has the total answer, but together we may be able to present ideas that may get us through difficult times.

Topic Outline

  • Backup Procedures Performed Everyday.

  • General Items
    • Priority System for all task that are performed by the SSIS
    • Leave power on Server
    • Develop and maintain an Inventory system of SSIS equipment
    • Repair control
    • Management of Local School Fields in ID01
    • Considerations for Developing a School's Policies and Procedures for use of ID19

  • Access to SSIS
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Programs with Suggested Access Levels
    • List of SSIS programs

  • Duties of an SSIS Coordinator

Cumulative Record Handbook Referenced Materials

B-4 Names of pupils BUL - 307 Grad Req REF - 903 Grad Year
M-4 Adult school courses BUL - 595.1 Off campus PE REF - 911 Career Pathways
M-5 Adult school options BUL - 787 AB 490 REF - 912 Applied Technology
M-59 Foreign Language Credit BUL - 929 Transcripts-Microfilm REF - 913 Computer Literacy
M-95 Entertainment Industry BUL - 1040.1 Concurrent Enrollment College REF - 914 Service Learning
M-128 Independent Study BUL - 1055 GPA REF - 1227 Sec Student Directory Info
N-13 Pupil records BUL - 1100 Credits
N-43 Subpoena BUL - 1353 Marking Practices
P-25 Foreign Student transcripts
Z-26 Change of refugee name
Z-34 Articulation
Z-45 Secondary Cum