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Subject: Lap Top Updates Rev 1/29/03

The actual order does not matter unless you attempt to login to SSIS on the laptop as a standalone and it tells you your user id is invalid. Then, you must do COPYDATA connected to the network. After that it is not necessary to even run these programs the same day. Finally, not all laptops can function in Standalone. The user should only attempt GETREL if they see the message about the release levels being behind.

GETREL is a program to maintain the current release level for laptop computers that have been setup for use with the SSIS system. You DO NOT need to have SSIS system BLOCKED to do GETREL.

  1. Connect the laptop to network
    (To boot up as a network station: The PC Card Token Ring or Ethernet Adapter Cable MUST be attached to the Card in the ThinkPad and the wall socket or patch cable prior to turning the ThinkPad on).
  2. . Using laptop, log into SSIS. A message may appear on the screen if the laptop is not up to the current release level. The prompt will instruct you to type GETREL, <F10>, to copy the release(s) you need to bring the Laptop up to current release level.
  3. If necessary, at the SSIS menu type; GETREL and press <ENTER>
  4. When the files are finished being copied the SSIS menu will display.
  5. On the laptop, Log out of SSIS completely.
  6. Power down (turn off completely) the laptop.
  7. Disconnect the network cable.
  8. Power up the laptop. It will come on as an SSIS standalone computer.
  9. Log into the SSIS Menu. At the SSIS menu, “No Updates Allowed” message will appear on the screen.
  10. At the SSIS menu type: RELEASE and press <ENTER>
  11. Select <F1> which will show the first release which needs to be added.
  12. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until there are no more releases.
  13. Power down the lap top and reconnect network connection if interested in running COPYDATA.

COPYDATA is used to take a snapshot of the current year database on your server.

You MUST have the SSIS system BLOCKED to do COPYDATA. Usually this operation is accomplished after backup for the day has been done.

  1. Connect laptop to network.
  2. Power on the laptop.
  3. When Desktop appears, remove BLOCK from Desktop station and immediately log into SSIS on laptop. Type BLOCK.
  4. Type COPYDATA.
  5. When copydata has finished, UNBLOCK system.
    Type LOCAL, then try CL04. If no error message is shown, then continue. Otherwise, do the COPYDATA process over.
  6. Laptop may now be powered down or stay on line as an SSIS station.

COPYOLD is used to take a snapshot of the oldyear database on your server. Usually this is performed once a year. It may be run after COPYDATA is performed.

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