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Information to Assist Schools in Purchasing Computers for SSIS.

All secondary schools wishing to install the Secondary Student Information System software are required to purchase a LAUSD approved desktop or laptop computer. The vendor will assist you on the current models available and their cost. These computers include an initial setup/configuration when delivered. To have Secondary SIS software installed call the the ITD Hotline or SSIS for installation.

Vendors: Arey Jones Educational Solutions and Gateway Professional

Arey Jones Educational Solutions Contact: Satina Bitmayl or Amy Quesenberry @1-800-998-9199 to obtain a quote.

8693-A La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91941

Internet Site:

Gateway Professional Contact: Mo Thompson @ 1-800-846-2042 Ext. 33081 to obtain a quote.


Laptop Updates

To update the SSIS software on your laptop please click on the link below. The instructions are on the next page as well in a PDF format so you may print them out for your convenience.


Scanner Calibration

Information on calibrating the scanner can be found by clicking on the link below. The link is a web page so you may view the instructions on your computer or choose to print out the instructions in a PDF format.

Scanner Calibration