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As of February 10, 2004:


 We have GREAT NEWS about accessing your online progress reports....

Teachers entering student marks using the Online Progress Report Program may now access from home using any Internet Service Provider (ISP). This can be cable, DSL, etc. in addition to previously available home dial up and school based intranet access.

So that all student information will remain secure, users will need to change their OPR passwords every 6 months and password formats will be required to be more complex. A short PowerPoint on our ESIS website will explain this process.

Please remember that ESIS is not able to assist you if you are having problems with your home Internet Service Provider browser. If problems occur, contact your provider.

If your school is planning to print progress reports on the Lexmark T622 in the near future, please ask the office personnel to print a progress report for any student as soon as possible to make sure this printer is continuing to operate correctly. Please call us if you experience problems!! (213) 241-4617.

Begin getting ready for testing and for data transfer to Middle Schools: Clean up your data!!!

Recent reference guides are available online from Inside LAUSD --(formerly the Administrative Notebook). Download the guide and use it to check the data fields that are necessary for the State Testing Program. All data from the SIS system should be as updated and correct as possible. It is used for such things as calculating a schools API.

The reference guide describing the procedures for transfering student data to middle schools will be online in late January. Be sure all matriculants have a middle school LOCN code on Screen 13 by the end of May. Call SIS to get a sentence to find out if there are missing LOCN codes.



When entering Summer Intervention data on Screen 26, there is a field 801, "SUMMER SCHOOL". You must enter a Y in this field for any student who will attend Summer Intervention. Also, you can print Summer Interven. rosters using this field.

Follow the YEAR-END PROCEDURES listed in the April Newsletter to end the schoolyear on SIS. Access the April Newsletter on the ESIS news