Welcome to our Elementary SIS Web page where you will be able to find all that you need to effectively use SIS.  We are keeping up with technology and all that the internet has to offer, so use this web page as resource. You can put it in your Favorite links (Explorer) or you can bookmark it (Netscape) depending on the browser you are using.

SIS staff is working hard to provide all of our elementary schools will all the assistance they need.  For this reason, on the side bar you will find links to our Monthly Newsletters for the current year and the previous one. From the November 2002 Newsletter and on, we are making the newsletters interactive. Interactive newsletters means that if we reference a website, bulletin, memo or reference guide  you will be able to click on it and  view or print the bulletin, ref. guide or memo on your printer.   Training Requests Forms are also available so that depending on the class you want to sign up you can click on the desired form and submit an approved copy to ESIS. We also have  Data Disk Requests, these forms are used to download any information for students to a disk. You would then be able to use Excel, for example, and create statistic reports or maintain a separate spread sheet to track students, programs, etc.

Teachers can access the internet and enter their report card marks (for selected schools) for their students through our Online Progress Report Website and use a special Lexmark T622 printer to print the official report card in the nine languages that the District is currently using.

Useful Links, will be a page that will constantly being updated.  We want to use this page to provide mini-training or provide insightful links on the web that will be most beneficial.  You are welcome to make suggestions as to what you would like to see on this web site.  Just click on the e-mail logo and the e-mail and submit your suggestion.

Thank and we hope to hear from you....... Let your friends know about this web site too!

ESIS Staff

Updated 12/19/02