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Click on the picture to find out what you need to know about graduating from high school. You'll find useful information on courses, units, requirements, and which courses count towards your high school diploma (not all of them do).

The courses you need to get into many colleges are not exactly the same as the courses you need to earn your high school diploma. Make sure the classes you take are taking you to the college of your choice. Click on the picture to start your college journey.

There's plenty of money available for financing your college education if you know where to look. Click on the picture to find out where to find the money.

There are tests, and there are tests. These tests are assessment tools, used by colleges and schools to help guide your post-secondary choices. Click on the picture to answer your questions on testing.

Not everything having to do with getting into college happens in the classroom. There's lots going on in other places, too. Click on the picture to get up to date on special events, deadlines, workshops, and other useful information.


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