These are the required English courses for LAUSD. They all meet both graduation and college admission requirements. Normally, students take the indicated course in the indicated grade.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses taught at the high school. They are challenging and demanding. Students who successfully complete an AP course and earn a minimum score on the national AP subject exam are awarded both high school and college credit for their efforts. Minimum scores are determined by each college and depend on your choice of major. Check with your college counselor for the latest requirements.

AP courses substitute for the required course (so you only have to take one, not both).





English 9A/B



English 10A/B



American Lit. Comp. AND Contemporary Comp.

AP English Language A/B


12th grade Composition AND an English Elective

Click here for a list of 12th Grade English Courses

AP English Literature A/B


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