Electives are courses in English, Social Science, Science, Foreign Language, Math, Visual and Performing Arts, Applied Technology, and Physical Education that give you the opportunity for additional study in a particular area of interest. For example, in Social Science, you might want to know more about psychology or sociology, beyond what's discussed in the core social science classes. Electives are one way of satisfying your curiousity. You need 70 credits of electives to earn your high school diploma. The courses listed below and identified with an asterisk (*) meet both graduation requirements and college admission requirements.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses taught at the high school. They are challenging and demanding. Students who successfully complete an AP course and earn a minimum score on the national AP subject exam are awarded both high school and college credit for their efforts. Minimum scores are determined by each college and depend on your choice of major. Check with your college counselor for the latest requirements.




Ancient Civilization *


Asian studies *


Geography *

AP Human Geography *

History of the Middle East *


Latin American Studies *

Mexican American Studies *

Modern Europe *

AP European History *

African American History *

American Indian Studies *

Constitutional Law *

Introduction to Anthropology *

Introduction to Psychology *

AP Psychology

Introduction to Sociology *



School Service


Philosophy *


Creative Writing *

Journalism *

Film: The Integrated Art *

Speech *

Marine Science *

Natural History of Marine Mammals *

Physical Geology *

Physical Oceanography *

Project Physics *

Women in History *

Computer Programming

AP Computer Science *

AP Comparative Government & Politics *

AP Macro-Economics *

AP Micro-Economics *

Zoology *

AVID 1, 2, 3


AVID Senior Seminar *


Peer Counseling


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