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The Personnel Recruitment and Selection Branch of the Personnel Commission offers both a District Proficiency and Instructional Assistance Testing for individuals needing to satisfy No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) qualifications. Testing is held on a regular basis at various locations throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. As a way to ensure that we can continue offering this service, we will begin charging a nominal fee to perspective employees* to cover the expense of administering these tests. This charge will be instituted as of February 15, 2010.



District Proficiency Test ... $7.00 Instructional Assistance Test $7.00



To be scheduled for a test appointment, or for more information about our testing locations, please contact the Personnel Recruitment and Selection Branch at (213) 241-3455 ext. 2.



The test administration fee will be collected on the day of your scheduled examination. Payment must be made by cashiers check or money order to Los Angeles Unified School District. Cash or personal checks will not be accepted.



Candidates who are unsuccessful on the exam must wait a period of four months before scheduling a retake appointment. Please note that a testing fee will be charged each time a candidate takes the District Proficiency or Instructional Assistance Test(s).


* This fee will not apply to current District employees.



IA Test Content:
The test contains 50 multiple choice items
which assesses knowledge in the areas listed
below. It may contain up to 11 additional
items which will be randomly placed and will
not affect your score. These additional items
are a normal and essential par of maintaining
a testing program.
- Instruction (fundamentals & communication)
- Classroom and behavior management
- Student observation and assessment
- Diversity/special education
- Legal and ethical standards

Test Passpoint: 31/50 (62%)

Time Limit: 1 hour and 10 minutes


District Proficiency Test Content:
The test contains 60 multiple choice items
which assesses knowledge in the following
- Reading
- Written English
- Mathematics

Test Passpoint: 33/60 (55%)

Time Limit: 1 hours and 10 minutes

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