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Scheduling The Instructional Assistance And District Proficiency Tests

Due to the large number of requests received and in an effort to streamline our services, paraprofessional testing must be coordinated through a School Administrative Assistant, a Supervisor, or a Coordinator at the school site.

New Hires
New hires are given priority for test scheduling, however, they must successfully complete testing in the following order:
1. Subject Matter Test (if applicable)
2. District Proficiency Test
3. Instructional Assistance Test

Paraprofessionals who have passed the District Proficiency Test or High School Equivalency Test at some point during the application process with LAUSD do not have to retake the test. If however, we do not have a record that you have passed either the District Proficiency Test or the High School Equivalency Test and you do not have an original certificate, you must retake the test.

Click here for the District Proficiency Test's Sample Test Booklet (.pdf)