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Absence Coordinator


Accounting Analyst

Accounting Manager

Accounting Technician II

ADA Compliance Analyst

ADA Compliance Administrator

Administrative Aide

Administrative Analyst

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant to Board Members

Administrative Assistant, Board Secretariat

Administrative Assistant, Building Program

Administrative Intern I

Administrative Intern II

Administrative Secretary I

Administrative Secretary, Government and Media Relations

Administrative Secretary to the General Counsel

Administrative Services Manager

Administrative Services Manager, Office of the Superintendent

Administrative Staff Aide

Adult Education Administrative Specialist

Air Filter Technician II

Animal Caretaker

Appeals and Hearing Supervisor

Appliance Repair Technician

Applications Server Administrator

Applications Server Specialist

Apprentice Automotive Mechanic (Bus-Truck)

Apprentice Heating and Air Conditioning Fitter

Apprentice Painter

Apprentice Plumber

Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker


Architectural Associate

Architectural Designer

Architectural Drafting Technician

Architectural Project Facilitator

Area Bus Supervisor

Area Carpentry Supervisor

Area Electrical Supervisor

Area Facilities Services Director

Area Food Services Supervisor

Area Heating and Air Conditioning Supervisor

Area Metal Work Supervisor

Area Operations Supervisor

Area Painting Supervisor

Area Plumbing Supervisor

Asbestos Abatement Assistant

Asbestos Abatement Supervisor

Asbestos Surveyor

Assignment Technician

Assistant Administrative Analyst

Assistant Area Bus Supervisor

Assistant Budget Director

Assistant Buyer

Assistant Chief Human Resources Officer

Assistant Civil Engineer

Assistant Contract Administration Analyst

Assistant Contract Administration Manager

Assistant Director, Design Standards and Technical Specifications

Assistant Director, Personnel

Assistant Director of Labor Relations

Assistant Environmental Safety Officer

Assistant Facilities Development Manager

Assistant Fleet Maintenance Manager

Assistant Food Production Manager

Assistant Garage Supervisor

Assistant General Counsel I

Assistant General Counsel II

Assistant Hardware Supervisor

Assistant Industrial Hygienist

Assistant Legislative Analyst

Assistant Logistics Supervisor

Assistant Mechanical Engineer

Assistant Outdoor-Education Center Manager

Assistant Photocopy Technician

Assistant Plant Manager I

Assistant Plant Manager II

Assistant Programmer Analyst

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Realty Agent

Assistant Stores Operations Manager

Assistant Structural Engineer

Assistant Truck Operations Manager

Associate Building/Construction Inspector

Associate Civil Engineer

Associate Computer Applications Specialist

Associate Computer Applications Sepcialist (Facilities)

Associate Computer Applications Specialist (SAP)

Associate Electrical Engineer

Associate Financial Analyst

Associate General Counsel I

Associate General Counsel II

Associate Mechanical Engineer

Associate Project Engineer I

Associate Project Engineer II

Associate Strategic Planning Systems Engineer

Associate Structural Engineer

Athletic Trainer

Athletic Training Coordinator

Athletics Assistant

Audit Manager, Inspector General's Office

Auditor, Inspector General's Office

Automotive Body Mechanic

Automotive Mechanic

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Benefits Manager

Bond Oversight Administrator

Bond Oversight Coordinator

Braille Equipment Coordinator

Braille Transcriber

Branch Human Resources Manager

Brass and Percussion Instrument Technician

Broadcast Compliance Specialist

Broadcast Engineer

Broadcast Systems Operator

Budget Policy Analyst

Budget Technician

Building and Grounds Worker

Building and Grounds Worker (Restricted)

Building/Construction Inspector

Building/Construction Inspector (Class 1)

Building Engineer

Building Project Estimator

Bus Dispatcher

Bus Driver Trainee

Business Manager


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Campus Aide (Female/Spanish Language)(Restricted)

Campus Aide (Female/Restricted)

Campus Aide (Male/Spanish Language)(Restricted)

Campus Aide (Male/Restricted)

Campus Aide (Spanish Language/Restricted)

Campus Aide (Restricted)


Carpentry Technical Supervisor

Cataloging Supervisor

Central Business Advisor

Central Shops Supervisor

Charter Schools Director

Charter Schools Fiscal Administrator

Charter Schools Operations Coordinator

Charter Schools Operations Manager

Chief Boundary Coordinator

Chief Broadcasting Engineer

Chief Building/Construction Inspector

Chief Clerk

Chief Communications Officer

Chief Enrollment Analysis Coordinator

Chief Estimator

Chief Executive Officer, School Supprt Services

Chief Executive to the General Counsel

Chief Facilities Executive

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Inventory Analyst

Chief of Intensive Support and Intervention Schools

Chief of Police

Chief of School Culture, Climate, and Safety

Chief of Staff to Board Member (Staff Asst to Board Member VIII)

Chief of Staff

Chief Procurement Officer

Chief Risk Officer

Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Coordinator

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering Designer

Civil Engineering Drafting Technician

Claims Processing Supervisor

Claims Coordinator

Claims Representative

Class "A" Commercial Truck Driver

Class "B" Commercial Truck Driver

Classified Assignments Coordinator

Classified Training Representative

Communication Support Assistant

Communications Production Facilitator

Community Outreach Event Coordinator

Community Outreach Organizer

Community Representative A and (Restricted)

Community Representative C and (Restricted)

Community Representative D and (Restricted)

Community Representative E and (Restricted)

Complex Project Manager

Compressor & Pneumatic Tool Operator

Computer Applications Administrator

Computer Applications Administrator SAP

Computer Applications Assistant

Computer Applications Specialist

Computer Applications Specialist (Payroll-SAP)

Computer Applications Support Supervisor

Construction Claims Manager

Construction Manager

Construction Safety Manager

Construction Safety Specialist

Continuation School Office Manager

Contract Administration Analyst

Contract Administration Manager

Contract Assistant

Contract Payments Supervisor


Coordinating Contract Assistant

Coordinating Financial Manager

Coordinator of Civic Engagement, Office of the Superintendent

Coordinator of IT, Communication Systems

Coordinator of Legislative Advocacy

Coordinator of Policy Research and Development

Cost Recovery Claims Processing Supervisor

Cost Recovery Medical Biller

Counselor Aide

Credentials and Contract Specialist

Credentials and Contract Supervisor

CTEIG Coordinator

Culinary and Events Manager

Customer Services Center Representative

Customer Services Center Supervisor

Cyber Security Engineer I

Cyber Security Engineer II

Cyber Security Engineer III

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Data Analyst

Data Analyst, School Police

Database Administrator

Database Specialist

Data Center Architect

Data Center Technician

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Instructional Aide

Demographic Research and Planning Analyst I

Demographic Research and Planning Analyst II

Deputy Budget Director

Deputy Chief Building/Construction Inspector

Deputy Chief Communications Officer

Deputy Chief Facilities Executive

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer

Deputy Chief of Police

Deputy Chief of Staff to Board Member (Staff Asst to Board Member VII)

Deputy Chief Procurement Officer

Deputy Chief Procurement Officer (Facilities)

Deputy Controller

Deputy Director of Architecture and Engineering Services

Deputy Director of Data Center Operations

Deputy Director of eLEARNING

Deputy Director of Employee Relations

Deputy Director of Facilities Legislation, Grants, and Funding

Deputy Director of Facilities Maintenance & Operations

Deputy Director of Facilities Planning and Development

Deputy Director of Facilities Program Support Services

Deputy Director of Facilities Project Execution

Deputy Director of Food Services

Deputy Director of IT, Customer Support

Deputy Director of IT, Infrastructure Project Management

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs and Governmental Relations

Deputy Director of Masterplanning and Demographics

Deputy Director of Materiel Management

Deputy Director of Payroll Administration

Deputy Director of Transportation

Deputy Director, Insurance Risk Finance

Deputy Environmental Health and Safety Director

Deputy General Counsel

Deputy Inspector General, Audits

Deputy Inspector General, Investigations

Deputy Personnel Director

Deputy Superintendent, Business Services and Operations

Design and Technical Specification Coordinator

Design Network Engineer

Digital Forensic Investigator

Digital Library Assistant

Director of Accounting

Director of Accounts Payable

Director of Architecture and Engineering Services

Director of Benefits Administration

Director of Budget Services and Financial Planning

Director of Community Outreach

Director of Contracts Administration (Facilities)

Director of Contracts Administration and Procurement Services

Director of Data Center Operations

Director of Employee Relations

Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Director of Facilities Legislation, Grants, and Funding

Director of Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Director of Facilities Planning and Development

Director of Facilities Program Support Services

Director of Facilities Project Execution

Director of Facilities Technology Services

Director of Finance Policy

Director of Food Services

Director of IT, Asset and Software Compliance

Director of IT, Communication Systems

Director of IT, Customer Support

Director of IT, Finance and Administration

Director of IT, Infrastructure Project Management

Director of IT, Network Operations

Director of IT, Security

Director of IT, Project Management

Director of IT, Strategic Planning and Implementation

Director of Insurance

Director of Integrated Disability Management

Director of LA's BEST

Director of Labor Relations

Director of Leasing and Asset Management

Director of Legislative Affairs and Governmental Relations

Director of Masterplanning and Demographics

Director of Materiel Management

Director of Non-Academic Facilities Planning

Director of Payroll Administration

Director of Program and Project Controls

Director of Programming and Operations

Director of Property Management

Director of School Information Management

Director of Strategic Data and Evaluation

Director of Student Records and Data Management

Director of Student Safety Invesigations

Director of Television Engineering and Technical Operations

Director of Translations

Director of Transportation

Director of Treasury/Capital Fund Compliance

Director, Enterprise Project Management Office

Director, Independent Analysis Unit (Staff Assistant to Board Member IX)

Director, Multimedia and Learning Systems

Director, Parent and Community Services

Director, Partnerships and Grants

Director, Student Information Systems

Disability Support Services Program Assistant

Disability Manager

Display and Graphics Designer

District Property Administrator

Division Human Resources Administrator

Division Human Resources Administrator II

Driver Trainer (Bus-Truck)

Driver Trainer (Truck)

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Early Childhood Associate

Early Childhood Associate (Restricted)

Early Education Center Aide (Cantonese Language/Restricted)

Early Education Center Aide (Spanish Language/Restricted)

Early Education Center Aide I & (Restricted)

Early Education Center Attendant

Early Education Center Office Manager

Earthwork and Paving Inspector

Education Aide III (Arabic Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Armenian/Restricted)

Education Aide III (AVID)

Education Aide III (Cantonese Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Female/Restricted)

Education Aide III (French/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Japanese Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Korean Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Male/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Mandarin/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Spanish Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Tagalog Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Vietnamese Language/Restricted)

Education Aide III (Restricted)

Educational Research Analyst

Educational Resource Aide (Restricted)

Educational Resource Aide (Armenian Language/Restricted)

Educational Resource Aide (Spanish Language/Restricted)

Electrical Engineering Designer

Electrical Inspector

Electrical Technical Supervisor


Electron Microscopist

Electronic Data Analyst

Electronics Technical Supervisor

E-Mail Administrator

Emergency Preparedness Program Specialist

Employment Services Manager

Employment Test and Training Proctor

Energy and Sustainability Program Manager

Energy Specialist

Engineering Aide

Enterprise Server Analyst

Environmental Assessment Coordinator

Environmental Compliance Program Administrator

Environmental Compliance Technician

Environmental Health Manager, Environmental Programs

Environmental Health Manager, Safety & Industrial Hygiene

Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental Health Supervisor

Environmental Laboratory Analyst

Environmental Planning Specialist

Environmental Safety Officer

Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator

Equipment Mechanic

ERP Manager

ERP Readiness Facilitator

Escrow and Title Supervisor

Ethics Advisor

Ethics Officer

Executive Coordinator, Office to the Superintendent

Executive Director, Human Capital Initiatives

Executive Director, Intensive Support and Intervention

Executive Director, Office of Data and Accountability

Executive Officer of the Board of Education

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Facilities Access Compliance Manager

Facilities Access Compliance Specialist

Facilities Asset Development Director

Facilities Cost Analyst

Facilities Development Manager

Facilities Environmental Technical Manager

Facilities Financial Operations Manager

Facilities Partnership and Development Coordinator

Facilities Partnership and Development Manager

Facilities Project Manager I

Facilities Project Manager II

Facilities Services Coordinator

Facilities Support Services Financial Specialist

Facilities Technology Services Manager

Field Office Assistant

Field Office Clerk

Financial Aide

Financial Analyst

Financial Manager

Fire Equipment Servicer

Fire/Life Safety Systems Manager

Fiscal Oversight Administrator

Fiscal Reports Specialist

Fiscal Resources and Training Manager

Fiscal Services Manager

Fiscal Specialist

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Fleet-Parts Purchaser

Fleet Parts Storekeeper

Floor Covering Installer

Floor Covering Supervisor

Floor Covering Technical Supervisor

Food Production Assistant

Food Production Manager

Food Production Supervisor

Food Service Equipment Specialist

Food Service Manager I

Food Service Manager II

Food Service Manager III

Food Service Manager IV

Food Service Manager V

Food Service Manager VI

Food Service Manager VII

Food Service Training Specialist

Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker II (Driving)

Food Services Cost Analyst

Food Services Program Manager

Food Services Staff Aide

Forensic Accountant

Forensic and Support Services Manager, Inspector General's Office

Forklift Operator

Furniture and Interior Design Director

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Garage Assistant

Garage Attendant

Garage Supervisor


General Counsel

General Manager, KLCS

GIS Specialist


Glazing Supervisor

Grant Manager (LA's BEST)

Grant and Funding Specialist

Grants and Funding Program Manager

Graphic Arts Machinist

Graphics Designer I

Graphics Designer II

Gym and Playground Equipment Installer

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Hand Grader

Hardware Inspector

Hardware Specification Writer

Hardware Supervisor

Hardwood Floor Worker

Head Accountant

Head Stock Clerk

Health Care Advocate (Spanish Language)

Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant (Male)

Health Office Clerk

Health Operations Administrator

Health Site Support Aide

Hearing Assistant II

Hearing Assistant III

Hearing Secretary

Heating and Air Conditioning Fitter

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspector

Heating and Air Conditioning Technical Supervisor

Heavy Bus Driver

Heavy Duty Bus-Truck Mechanic

High-Rise Building Life/Safety Specialist

HR Liaison (Classified Service)

Human Resources Intern

Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Representative

Human Resources Specialist I

Human Resources Specialist II

Human Resources Specialist III

HVAC Technical Supervisor (High-Rise)

HVAC Test Technician

HVAC Test and Inspection Supervisor

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Industrial Hygienist

Infant Care Aide and (Restricted)

Information Resources Support Assistant

Information Security Analyst I

Information Security Analyst II

Information Security Compliance Analyst

Information Security Risk Manager

Information Systems Business Analyst

Information Systems Security Assistant

Information Technology Support Assistant

Inspector General

Instructional Aide I & (Restricted)

Instructional Aide (Braille)

Instructional Aide (Business Education)

Instructional Aide - Computer Lab

Instructional Aide (Horticulture)

Instructional Aide (Literacy) & (Restricted)

Instructional Aide (Math) & (Restricted)

Instructional Aide (Metalworking)

Instructional Aide (Music)

Instructional Aide for Students Who Are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing-Oral

Instructional Aide for Students Who Are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing-Signing

Instructional Media Technician-Adviser

Insulator/Asbestos Abatement Worker

Insurance Coordinator

Insurance Technician

Integrated Pest Management Program Coordinator

Interior Designer

Intermediate Accountant

Interpreter (Cantonese Language)

Interpreter (Korean Language)

Interpreter (Spanish Language)

Interpreter Aide (Cantonese Language)

Interpreter Aide (Korean Language)

Interpreter Aide (Laotian Language)

Interpreter Aide (Spanish Language)

Interpreter Aide (Tagalog Language)

Interpreter Aide (Vietnamese Language)

Interpreting Equipment Technician

Inventory Control Analyst

Inventory Control Clerk

Investigative Assistant


IT Administrator, Shared Technical Services

IT Business Efficiency Analyst

IT Customer Support Representative

IT Customer Support Supervisor

IT Electronics Communications Supervisor

IT Electronics Communications Technician

IT Enterprise Release Manager

IT Infrastructure Project/Program Manager

IT Infrastructure Project Network Engineer

IT Infrastructure Security Manager

IT Intern I

IT Intern II

IT LAN Technician

IT Operations Manager

IT Projects Manager

IT Release Manager I

IT Release Manager II

IT Solution Technician

IT Support Technician

IT Support Technician II

IT Support Technician Supervisor

IT Trainee

IT Trainer I

IT Trainer II 

IT Training Project Manager

IT Training Supervisor

IT Warehouse Manager

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Job Cost Data Entry Operator

Job Order Contracting Specialist I

Job Order Contracting Specialist II

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Labor and Contract Compliance Administrator

Labor Compliance Officer

Labor Compliance Technician

Labor Relations Administrator

Land Surveying Aide

Land Surveying Assistant

Landscape Architect

Landscape Technical Supervisor

Landscaping Supervisor

Law Clerk

Legal Secretary

Legislative Advocate

Legislative Analyst

Legislative Assistant

Legislative Liaison

Liaison Aide (Restricted)

Library Aide

Library Media Clerk

Licensed Vocational Nurse


Life Science Laboratory Technician

Light Bus Driver

Light Gauge Metal Inspector

Litigation Research Coordinator

Local Control Accountability Plan Administrator

Local Control Accountability Plan Coordinator

Local District Administrative Assistant

Local District Support Coordinator


Logistics Supervisor

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Machinist Supervisor

Magnet Program Liaison Assistant

Mail Clerk

Mail Operations Supervisor

Maintenance Materiel Coordinator

Maintenance Planner

Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker (Restricted)

Manager of IT, Technical Support

Marketing Director

Marketing Representative

Masterplan Coordinator

MAXIMO Business Analyst

MAXIMO Data Management Analyst

Meal Compliance Audit Clerk

Meal Compliance Audit Supervisor

Mechanical Engineer

Media Technical Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Assistant

Medical Director of Employee Health Services

Medi-Cal Reimbursement and Cost Recovery Manager

Medical Supply Clerk

Metal Technical Supervisor

Migrant Program Technician

Military Property Custodian and Logistician

Mill Carpenter

Mill Filer

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile Device Management Administrator

Mobile Device Management Specialist

Moulder Operator

Multicast Traffic Coordinator

Multimedia Designer

Musical Instrument Repair Supervisor

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.Net Developer

Network Configuration Administrator

Network Operations Center Analyst

Network Operations Center Engineer

Network Operations Supervisor

Network Systems Engineer

Nutrition Specialist

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Occupational Center Financial Manager

OCIP Coordinator

Office Technician

Office Technician (Cantonese Language)

Office Technician (Korean Language)

Office Technician (Restricted)

On-Air Promotions Producer

Open Data Officer

Operating Systems Administrator

Operating Systems Specialist

Operations Program Manager

Operations Training Specialist

Optical Scanning Equipment Operator

Oracle Developer

Out-of-School Area Program Supervisor

Out-of-School Program Coordinator

Out-of-School Program Specialist (Seasonal)

Out-of-School Program Supervisor

Out-of-School Program Supervisor and (Restricted)

Out-of-School Program Support Worker

Out-of-School Program Worker

Out-of-School Program Worker and (Restricted)

Out-of-School Regional Director

Out-of-School Senior Director

Out-of-School Senior Program Supervisor

Out-of-School Traveling Program Supervisor

Outdoor Education Assistant (Female)

Outdoor Education Assistant (Male)

Outdoor Education Center Maintenance Worker

Outdoor Education Center Manager

Outdoor Education Programs Coordinator

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Packaging Service Technician


Painter Inspector

Painting Technical Supervisor


Parent Community Facilitator

Parent Community Facilitator (Armenian Language)

Parent Community Facilitator (MCD)

Parent Education Support Assistant

Parent Education Support Assistant (Spanish Language)

Parent Network Liaison Coordinator

Parent Resource Assistant and (Restricted)

Parent Resource Assistant and (Armenian Language) and (Restricted)

Parent Resource Assistant and (Korean Language) and (Restricted)

Parent Resource Assistant and (Spanish Language) and (Restricted)

Parent Resource Liaison

Paving Supervisor

Payroll Administration Manager

Payroll Distribution Assistant

Payroll Distribution Supervisor

Payroll Specialist I

Payroll Specialist II

Payroll Specialist III

Personnel Director

Personnel Manager

Pest Management Technician

Piano Technician

Plant Manager I

Plant Manager II

Plant Manager III

Plant Manager IV

Plasterer and Concrete Finisher

Playground Facilities Designer


Plumbing Inspector

Plumbing Technical Supervisor

Police Detective

Police Dispatcher

Police Intern

Police Officer

Pool Custodian

Pool Supervisor

Power Equipment Mechanic

Principal Accountant

Principal Administrative Analyst

Principal Administrative Assistant

Principal Administrative Assistant - Office of the Superintendent

Principal Assignment Technician

Principal Auditor, Inspector General's Office

Principal Clerk

Principal Facilities Project Manager

Principal Financial Analyst

Principal Human Resources Specialist

Principal Personnel Clerk

Principal Realty Agent

Principal Stock Clerk

Procurement Policy Officer

Program Associate

Program and Policy Development Advisor, Budget

Program and Policy Development Advisor, Construction Programs

Program and Policy Development Advisor, Employee Performance Management

Program and Policy Development Advisor, Enterprise Project Management

Program and Policy Development Advisor, Innovation and Improvement Sciences

Program and Policy Development Coordinator

Program and Policy Development Specialist

Program and Project Controls Manager

Program Development and Training Manager

Program Evaluation and Research Coordinator

Program Scheduler

Programmer Analyst (JAVA)

Programmer Analyst (Oracle)

Programmer Analyst (SAP)

Project Engineer

Project Labor Administrator

Project Management Administrator

Property Management Assistant

Property Management Coordinator

Property Manager


Public Information Officer I

Public Information Officer II

Pupil Services and Attendance Aide

Pupil Services and Attendance Aide (Spanish Language)

Purchasing Services Manager

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Quality Control and Assurance Specialist

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Radio Communications Supervisor

Radio Communication Technician

Real Estate Project Director

Realty Agent

Receiving Inspector

Records Manager

Refrigeration Fitter

Refrigeration Supervisor

Regional Construction Director

Regional Facilities Director

Regional Food Services Manager

Regional Transportation Manager

Relocatable Housing Coordinator

Relocatable Housing Manufacturing Inspector

Relocatable Housing Program Manager

Relocation Services Coordinator

Relocation Services Supervisor

Reprographic Services Coordinator

Reprographic Services Manager

Research and File Technician

Resident Construction Engineer

Resource Assistant for Students with Visual Disabilities

Retirement and Deductions Analyst

Retirement Systems Supervisor

Return to Work Specialist


Roofing Inspection Supervisor

Roofing Inspector

Roofing Supervisor

Roofing Technical Supervisor

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Safety Officer Sergeant

Salary Credits Assistant

Salary Credits Supervisor

SAP ABAP Developer

SAP Applications Assistant

SAP Basis Administrator

SAP Enterprise Portal Specialist

SAP Functional Analyst (BN, BW, and Security)

SAP Functional Analyst (eRC, ESS, MSS, PA/OM)

SAP Functional Analyst (FI/CO, Budget)

SAP Functional Analyst (Procurement)

SAP Functional Analyst (TM/PY)

SAP Schema Architect (Payroll/Time)

SAP Technical Test Coordinator

SAP Workflow Analyst

School Accounting Clerk

School Administrative Assistant

School Climate Advocate & (Restricted)

School Facilities Attendant and (Restricted)

School Facilities Attendant (Female) and (Restricted)

School Facilities Attendant (Male) and (Restricted)

School Helper (Restricted)

School Occupational Therapy Assistant

School Office Computer Coordinator (Adult)

School Office Computer Coordinator (Infant/Preschool or Elementary)

School Office Computer Coordinator (Secondary)

School Safety Officer

School Supervision Aide and (Restricted)

School Volunteer Programs Director

School Systems Manager

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Center Technician

Secretary (Restricted)

Security Officer

Selection Technician

Senior Accounting Analyst

Senior Administrative Analyst

Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Administrative Assistant - Office of the Superintendent

Senior Administrator, Enterprise Applications

Senior Administrator, IT Customer Support

Senior Administrator, IT Infrastructure

Senior Advisor to the Superintendent

Senior Advisor, Office of Communications

Senior Assignment Technician

Senior Auditor, Inspector General's Office

Senior Budget Technician

Senior Building Project Estimator

Senior Bus Dispatcher

Senior Carpenter

Senior Classified Training Representative

Senior Community Outreach Organizer

Senior Contract Administration Manager

Senior Construction Claims Manager

Senior Data Strategist

Senior Design Network Engineer

Senior Developer

Senior Director, Information Systems

Senior Director, Information Technnology

Senior Director, System Data Analytics

Senior ERP Director, Business Systems

Senior ERP Project Director, School Management Systems

Senior Early Childhood Education Division Fiscal Technician

Senior Educational Research Analyst

Senior Electrical Inspector

Senior Electrician

Senior Employment Services Manager

Senior Employment Test Proctor

Senior Energy Specialist

Senior Executive Director of Finance Policy

Senior Facilities Development Manager

Senior Facilities Project Manager

Senior Financial Analyst

Senior Financial Manager

Senior Fire Equipment Servicer

Senior Fiscal Specialist

Senior Floor Covering Installer

Senior Food Production Assistant

Senior Food Service Training Specialist

Senior Food Service Worker

Senior Glazier

Senior Grant and Funding Specialist

Senior Hand Grader

Senior HVAC Test Technician

Senior Health Care Advocate

Senior Heating and Air Conditioning Fitter

Senior Human Resources Representative

Senior Human Resources Specialist

Senior Insulator/Asbestos Abatement Worker

Senior Insurance Technician

Senior Inventory Control Analyst

Senior Investigator

Senior IT Electronics Communications Technician

Senior IT Infrastructure Project/ Program Manager

Senior IT LAN Technician

Senior IT Support Technician

Senior Job Cost Data Entry Operator

Senior Labor Compliance Officer

Senior Legal Secretary

Senior Legislative Analyst

Senior Liaison Aide

Senior Locksmith

Senior Mail Clerk

Senior Maintenance Planner

Senior Marketing Representative

Senior Meal Compliance Audit Clerk

Senior Medical Administrative Assistant

Senior Metal Worker

Senior Migrant Program Technician

Senior Mill Carpenter

Senior Musical Instrument Technician

Senior Nutrition Specialist

Senior Office Technician

Senior Offset Machine Operator

Senior Offset Press Operator

Senior Optical Scanning Equipment Operator

Senior Painter

Senior Painting Inspector

Senior Paralegal

Senior Parent Community Facilitator

Senior Parent Education Support Assistant

Senior Payroll Specialist

Senior Personnel Clerk

Senior Pest Management Technician

Senior Plumber

Senior Police Dispatcher

Senior Police Officer

Senior Pool Supervisor

Senior Power Equipment Mechanic

Senior Procurement Customer Service Supervisor

Senior Programmer Analyst (JAVA)

Senior Programmer Analyst (Oracle)

Senior Programmer Analyst (SAP)

Senior Radiologic Technologist

Senior Realty Agent

Senior Resident Construction Engineer

Senior Roofer

Senior Salary Credits Assistant

Senior Secretary

Senior Selection Technician

Senior Stores Supervisor

Senior Sustainability Specialist

Senior Swimming Instructor (Recreation)

Senior Systems Specialist

Senior Technical Project Manager

Senior Technical Project Manager - Facilities

Senior Tile Layer

Senior Toolkeeper

Senior Tractor and Roller Operator

Senior Translator-Interpreter (Spanish Language)

Senior Tree Surgeon

Senior Window/Wall Washer

Senior Youth Relations Associate



Sharepoint Developer

Sheet Metal Worker

Sign Designer

Sign Language Interpreter

Site Assessment Program Administrator

Skip Load Operator

Small Business/We Build Coordinator

Small Business Manager

Social Media Assistant

Social Services Aide

Space Utilization Analyst

Special Assistant, Office of the Superintendent

Special Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer

Special Assistant to the Chief Facilities Executive

Special Assistant to the Chief Information Officer

Special Assistant to the Inspector General

Special Education Assistant

Special Education Assistant (Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing)

Special Education Assistant (Male)

Special Education Fiscal Analyst

Special Education Resource Coordinator

Special Education Trainee

Special Education Trainee (Male)

Specifications Assistant

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

SQL Developer

Staff Assistant to Board Members I

Staff Assistant to Board Members II

Staff Assistant to Board Members III

Staff Assistant to Board Members IV 

Staff Assistant to Board Members V 

Staff Assistant to Board Members VI

Staff Relations Manager

Stage Rigger

Steel Inspector


Stock Clerk

Stock Clerk (Braille)

Stock Clerk (Computer Repair)

Stock Clerk (Infant and Preschool)

Stock Clerk (Music)

Stock Worker

Stock Worker (Restricted)

Stores Supervisor

Strategic Data Analyst

Strategic Operations Administrator

Stringed Instrument Technician

Structural Engineer

Student and Family Resources Coordinator

Student and Family Resources Navigator

Student Records and Data Supervisor

Student Integration Helper & (Restricted)

Summer Food Service Supervisor

Supervising Access Compliance Specialist

Supervising Accountant

Supervising Accounting Technician

Supervising Architect

Supervising Assignment Technician

Supervising Automotive Body Mechanic

Supervising Budget Technician

Supervising Building/Construction Inspector

Supervising Civil Engineer

Supervising Classified Training Representative

Supervising Clerk

Supervising Data Center Technician

Supervising Electrical Engineer

Supervising Electrical Inspector

Supervising Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator

Supervising Facilities Cost Analyst

Supervising Insurance Technician

Supervising Investigator

Supervising Job Order Contracting Specialist

Supervising Maintenance Worker

Supervising Mechanical Engineer

Supervising Mill Carpenter

Supervising Personnel Clerk

Supervising Plumbing Inspector

Supervising Police Dispatcher

Supervising Power Equipment Mechanic

Supervising Purchasing Services Coordinator

Supervising Special Education Assistant

Supervising Staff Development Coordinator (LA's BEST)

Supervising Structural Engineer

Supervisor, Plots Plans and Allotments

Survey Party Chief

Sustainability Specialist

Swimming Pool Technical Supervisor

Systems and Programming Director

Systems Standards Manager

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Technical Project Manager

Technical Specialist

Telecommunications Billing Supervisor

Telecommunications Services Representative

Telephone Assignment Clerk

Television Producer-Director

Television Programming Associate

Test Services Coordinator

Testing and Training Assistant

Testing Operations Manager

Textbook Inventory Clerk

Tile Layer

Tile Layer Helper


Toolkeeper (Restricted)


Tractor and Roller Operator

Tractor Mower Operator

Tractor Operator

Translator - Interpreter (Armenian Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Cantonese Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Korean Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Mandarin Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Russian Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Spanish Language)

Translator - Interpreter (Vietnamese Language)

Translator (Spanish Language)

Transportation Cost Analyst

Transportation Inspector

Transportation Planner

Transportation Router

Transportation Routing Assistant

Transportation Routing Center Supervisor

Transportation Services Manager

Treasury Manager

Tree Maintenance Supervisor

Tree Surgeon

Truck Operations Manager

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UI/UX Designer

Unemployment Claims Coordinator

Unemployment Claims Processor

Unemployment Claims Specialist


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Vocation and Transition Assistant

Volunteer Program Assistant

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WAN Specialist I

WAN Specialist II 

Web Architect


Window/Wall Washer

Woodwind Instrument Technician

Workers' Compensation Claims Processing Specialist

Workers' Compensation Claims Processing Supervisor

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Youth Relations Associate & (Restricted)

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Zones of Choice Facilitator

Zones of Choice Facilitator (Spanish Language)

Last Revised: 11/04/2021