LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                    CLASS DESCRIPTION

PERSONNEL COMMISSION                                                                               Unit C

Class Codes





A Light Bus Driver operates a "conventional" school bus of up to 28,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. A Heavy Bus Driver operates a large "transit" school bus of at least 24,000 pounds gross vehicle weight with an engine under or behind the driver typically with a passenger capacity of 78 or more.



Operates a school bus in transporting students to and from school and other locations as scheduled.

Maintains proper student behavior and safe riding practices on the bus.

Checks fuel and oil levels and tires of the bus and has the bus serviced when necessary.

Validates accuracy and submits daily transportation reports and logs.

Cleans the bus interior and washes and polishes the bus.

Inspects assigned bus prior to and at the end of each run for mechanical condition affecting safety of

operation, physical condition, and to ensure that no students remain on the bus.

Checks and verifies for route changes and maintains route schedules.

Maintains, files, and logs required operational reports to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Ensures safe work practices.

Makes minor emergency repairs.

Makes special bus trips as assigned.

Reports bus incidents, collisions, and service interruptions promptly by radio and in writing.

Renders first-aid and operates fire extinguishers when necessary.

Trains students in bus evacuation procedures.

May operate a computer and mobile data terminal to access transportation software; validate and

maintain transportation-specific data by inputting data, messaging, and other appropriate methods; access web-based payroll data, forms, and bid information; and access mandated on-line employee training.

May lift or assist students with disabilities on and off the bus.

Performs related duties as assigned.



A Heavy Bus Driver drives a large "transit" school bus with the engine under or behind the driver seat.


A Light Bus Driver drives a school bus of less than 78 passenger capacity with the engine typically in front of the driver seat.



General supervision is received from an Area Bus Supervisor or Assistant Area Bus Supervisor. No supervision is exercised.


       Knowledge of:


California Vehicle Code, District School Bus Driver's Manual, and traffic ordinances of local

governmental agencies within the District boundaries

Minor bus repairs and adjustments

First-aid practices

State Department of Education, Department of Motor Vehicles, and California Highway Patrol

regulations pertaining to student transportation and bus operations

       Ability to:

            Drive a bus safely in heavy metropolitan traffic in accordance with the requirements of

transportation schedules and traffic laws

Promote and maintain student safety and proper behavior on a school bus

Act quickly and appropriately in emergencies

Relate effectively with students on the bus and with their parents

Work effectively with District personnel

Operate two-way radio equipment in accordance with applicable regulations

Operate a mobile data terminal

Operate a computer workstation to access transportation software

       Special Physical Requirements:


Ability to reach overhead and safely lift, carry, push, or pull objects weighing up to 50 pounds; and

to assist students with disabilities on and off the bus

Good physical condition as required in order to obtain a California School Bus Driver Certificate




Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational proficiency.



Light Bus Driver: Six months of experience in driving a bus or truck or successful completion of a course in school bus driver training given by the LAUSD Transportation Services Division.


Heavy Bus Driver: One year of experience in driving a bus or truck of at least 16,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Successful completion of an accredited course in school bus driver training can be substituted for six months of the experience. Successful completion of a LAUSD Transportation Services Division course in heavy school bus driver training can be substituted for the one year of experience.




A valid California Driver License, Class A or B with Passenger and Air Brake endorsements.

A California School Bus Driver Certificate with no restrictions or Automatic Transmission Only


            A First-Aid Test Waived restriction if in possession of a valid first-aid card.

            A Light Bus Driver may have a Conventional or Type 2 Bus Only restriction and an Automatic

Transmission Only restriction.



Effective January 1, 1995, all employees in these classifications are subject to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulations for drug and alcohol testing as required by the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991.

This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or requirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and abilities. Management retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of a position at any time.