LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                    CLASS DESCRIPTION

PERSONNEL COMMISSION                                                                               Unit D

                                                                                                                              Class Codes






Performs a variety of technical duties related to human resources of gradually increasing scope and complexity with increasing requirements of initiative and independence of action.



Learns and applies policies, regulations, procedures, and techniques of human resources administration in performing some of the tasks listed below:


Designs and conducts job analyses for the purposes of position classification, salary evaluation,

test construction and validation, recommendation of entrance requirements, and/or determination of necessary staff development programs.

Develops and recommends examination plans, constructs tests, and assembles test materials in

accordance with approved plans.

Designs and delivers staff development programs including development of course objectives,

curriculum, and class materials.

Analyzes laws, rules, reports, publications, and court cases for information relating to human


Designs, constructs and conducts or assists in constructing and conducting surveys to gather

compensation, classification, training, entrance requirements, rules, employee selection, collective bargaining, or other human resources data.

Formulates or assists in formulating recruitment and training plans and assists in implementing

plans by arranging for facilities, equipment, advertising, informational materials, and other details.

Contacts District personnel, employee representatives, employers, community groups, and others,

as assigned, in order to obtain or impart information, request raters for examinations, answer inquiries, and explain procedures and regulations.

Compiles, calculates, and analyzes numerical data; extracts data from reports and records; and

prepares tables, graphs, and narrative presentations.

Composes or assists in composing a variety of technical written materials, including rules

procedures, class descriptions, classification and salary reports, employment examinations, job market trend reports, and other specialized reports.

Administers tests and may give work direction to proctors, briefs examination interviewers,

participates in interviews and evaluates candidates, and supervises test and interview procedures to assure that procedures are followed and that examination reports are complete and accurate.

Interviews applicants, candidates, and employees in regard to reviews of examination results and


Delivers or assists in oral presentations relative to assigned studies.

Develops and designs recruitment literature including bulletins, advertisements, and brochures.

Composes correspondence and responses to questionnaires.

Participates in the administration and rating of performance tests, interviews and other assessment


Screens applications in regard to entrance qualifications and advises applicants on employment

opportunities in the Classified Service.

May substitute for higher-level personnel during short-term absences.

May develop, plan, and implement employee recruitment strategies and procedures.

May represent the District at career days, job fairs, and other recruitment functions.

Performs related duties as assigned.



A Human Resources Specialist I applies basic knowledge and skills of Human Resources administration in the progression of duties and responsibilities leading to qualification as a Human Resources Specialist II or higher. A Human Resources Specialist I receives on-the-job training and performs duties directly related to the duties of the higher-level classes of Human Resources Specialist II and III.


A Human Resources Specialist II performs professional-level, technical human resources work in the areas of classification, compensation, organizational development, human resources rules and legislation, recruitment, selection, and staff development, that is more limited in scope and complexity, and subject to closer supervision and review, than work performed by a Human Resources Specialist III.


A Human Resources Specialist III performs professional-level, technical human resources work in the area of classification, compensation, organizational development, human resources rules and legislation, recruitment, selection, and staff development and may assist higher-level personnel in performing more complex assignments.



General supervision is received from a supervisory or administrative employee; immediate work direction may be received on assigned tasks from a higher level Specialist classification. Work direction may be exercised over Examining Assistants, Examination Proctors, and support staff.



Knowledge of:


Basic statistics

Graphic and tabular presentation of data

Computer usage and systems

Basic principles of merit that relate to human resources

Principles of equal employment opportunity

Basic principles and terminology of employment selection, position classification, and salary


Research techniques and sources of information regarding human resources administration

History of and current trends affecting public human resource administration

Employment/recruitment sources

Equal employment recruitment procedures

Adult learning theories

Instructional design techniques

Job analysis methodology


Ability to:


Ability to use computers with Microsoft operating systems and word processing, data base, and

spreadsheet software

Compile, tabulate, analyze, and compute data accurately

Learn principles and practices of human resources administration

Write clear, concise reports and other materials

Speak clearly and communicate effectively and make effective oral presentations

Relate well to co-workers, employees, and others

Apply concepts and make valid analyses and comparisons

Use critical judgment in the evaluation of data and the development of plans, test materials,

reports, and other materials

Understand the concerns of protected groups and the disadvantaged and relate technical activities

to those concerns in an equal opportunity program of selection and promotion based on merit







Graduation from a recognized college or university, preferably with a major in human resources, personnel, or public administration, or one of the behavioral sciences.




Technical experience in employee recruitment, selection, position classification, labor relations, staff development, or salary administration is preferable.




Most positions require a valid California Driver License and use of an automobile.






Graduation from a recognized college or university, preferably with a major in human resources, personnel, or public administration, or one of the behavioral sciences.




Six months of experience as a Human Resources Specialist I or one year of technical human resources experience in professional human resource functions. A master’s degree in human resources, personnel, or public administration, or one of the behavioral sciences may be substituted for six months of the required technical experience.




A valid California Driver License.

Use of an automobile.

This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or requirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and/or abilities. Management retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of a position at any time.