LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                    CLASS DESCRIPTION

PERSONNEL COMMISSION                                                                               Class Code 4395

Unit C




Assists a School Food Service Manager or Satellite Food Service Manager who supervises cafeteria operations prepares, cooks, and/or serves meals.



Assists a School Food Service Manager or Satellite Food Service Manager by performing duties such as:


Planning production schedules based on serving needs.

Reviewing work schedules and providing work direction to food service employees.

Completing reports and keeping records.

Planning menus, ordering foods and supplies, and checking goods received against requisitions

and invoices.

Conducting on-the-job training of food service personnel.

Following principles of Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to ensure safe and sanitary conditions.

Determining student eligibility for free and reduced price meals by applying established criteria.

Tracking meals served by eligibility category.


Performs any or all of the typical duties of a Food Service Worker such as:


Preparing and serving breakfasts, nutrition, and lunches, including breakfasts and lunches

prepared for other sites.

Conducting daily and monthly inventories.

Receiving money and tickets for foods and beverages.


Counts cash receipts.

Performs related duties as assigned.



A Senior Food Service Worker assists a School Food Service Manager by participating in the operation of a cafeteria by planning menus, preparing and serving meals, and giving work direction and training food service personnel.


A School Cafeteria Manager is responsible to the site administrator and to an Area Food Services Supervisor for the supervision of a cafeteria operation and for preparing and serving food in a variety of feeding programs, such as breakfast, lunch, and bag meals for other locations without cafeterias. The classification level is determined by school level and the average daily meals served of the cafeteria.


A Food Service Worker prepares, produces, heats, cooks, and serves a variety of foods from fresh, canned, dry or frozen state and assists in other related tasks in a designated food service production and/or service area and performs cleaning and sanitizing duties according to Food Services Operating Standards.



General supervision is received from a School Cafeteria Manager or Satellite Cafeteria Manager. Work direction may be exercised over other food service personnel.



Knowledge of:


Principles of supervision and training

Use and care of kitchen and food service equipment

Health and safety rules and regulations pertaining to kitchens and food service environments

Basic nutrition principles

Cleaning and sanitation methods used in a food service environment

Preparation and serving of a variety of foods from simple recipes

Record keeping and bookkeeping methods

       Ability to:


Prepare, cook, and serve food in large quantities

Follow and issue explicit written and oral instructions

Follow planned menus and standardized recipes

Work effectively with school and District personnel and students

Give work direction to and train food service personnel

Keep accurate records and make simple arithmetic calculations

Apply and maintain standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and personal hygiene

Learn and apply the regulations of child nutrition programs including free and reduced-price meal

eligibility and reimbursable meal

Operate an office computer

       Special Physical Requirements:


Ability to stand, walk, bend, climb low ladders or step stools, reach overhead, kneel, balance, push,

pull, and safely lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds

Withstand a wide range of temperatures




Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational proficiency preferably supplemented by courses in nutrition, record keeping, and bookkeeping. Successful completion of a minimum of three semester units or equivalent of adult school or college-level courses in supervision, or completion of a corporate-sponsored training course in supervision, or the completion of the District’s supervision course is preferable. One year of experience in the coordination of the production of 500 meals a day or the coordination of the work of five food service workers may be substituted for the courses in supervision.



One year of part-time experience or equivalent in preparing and serving at least 300 meals a day or one year of general clerical experience preferably in the area of Food Service.



A valid “ServSafe Certificate” issued by the National Restaurant Association or equivalent




Appointment is subject to obtaining a valid Los Angeles Unified School District Food Handler's Health Certificate.

This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or requirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and/or abilities. Management retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of the position at any time.