LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                    CLASS DESCRIPTION

PERSONNEL COMMISSION                                                                               Class Code 3606

Unit E




Responsible for tracking all lumberyard stock, filling Maintenance Area change orders and job material requisitions, and computing the amount and size of rough lumber for mill orders.


       Receives, tallies, stores, and disburses lumber and mill-manufactured items warehoused in the             lumberyard.

       Computes, from material request forms or oral instructions, the amount and sizes of rough lumber             required to fill mill orders and fabricate products such as molding, window and door frames,             panels, furniture parts, and fittings.

       Fills location change orders for stock to be transferred to other warehouses.

       Writes job material requisitions and shipping orders.

       Operates a forklift to load lumber on hand trucks from stacks in yard and marks cuts to minimize             waste.

       Performs related duties as assigned.



A Lumberyard Operator is responsible for the mill lumberyard, inspects lumber, fills requisitions for materials, computes amount and sizes of lumber for mill orders, and may assist in operating woodworking machinery.


A Mill Carpenter sets up and operates a variety of woodworking machines to cut and detail lumber to specified requirements for use in assembling a variety of cabinets, frames, furniture, and equipment.



General supervision is received from the Woodworking Mill Supervisor. Work direction may be exercised over a Maintenance Worker.


       Knowledge of:

            Grading standards for hardwood and softwood lumber

            Qualities and characteristics of a variety of woods used in fabricating furniture and equipment

            Materials, tools, and machines of the trade and their use

       Ability to:

            Recognize and identify kinds and grades of lumber

            Compute board footage of all sizes of lumber

            Make estimates of lumber required from material request forms or specifications for fabricated                  parts

            Operate a forklift

       Special Physical Requirement:

            Safely lift and carry items weighing up to 100 pounds

            Depth and space perception as required to operate a forklift or supply transporter



            Graduation from high school or equivalent evidence of educational proficiency at the high school             level.


            Two years of experience in a lumberyard serving a mill or in mill and cabinet work.

This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or requirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and/or abilities. Management retains the discretion to add or to change typical duties of the position at any time.