The Classified Retirement Unit was closed on July 1, 2004, as a result of budget reductions. It is therefore necessary to inform employees of new procedures to follow in completing the retirement process.


The following steps must be taken to start the retirement process:


            -    CalPERS - Application for Retirement

Request you application from CalPERS by calling (877) 720-7377, or visiting the CalPERS website at


            -    LAUSD - Resignation Form

Obtain a resignation form from your worksite or from the Classified Employment Transaction Services Branch.


            -    LAUSD - Application for Continuation of Health Benefits

Obtain the application and pertinent information regarding Health benefits continuation from the Employee Benefits Branch by calling (214) 241-4262, or visiting their website at Information regarding life insurance is also available.

Completed retirement applications should be submitted to CalPERS approximately ninety days before your retirement date. Therefore, it is advisable to start the process at least two months in advance of application submission. It is also advisable for prospective retirees to request an estimate from CalPERS before starting the retirement process. For additional information regarding estimates, please contact CalPERS.

For information regarding disability retirement, please contact Peggy Hampton in the Office of Risk Management at (213) 241-2570.

The retirement application includes a section that requires employer certification. This section certifies your separation date and verifies the amount of your unused sick leave credit. At retirement, any unused sick leave you have will be converted to additional service credit. You must obtain form PERS-BSD-200A, Amended Employer Certification, from CalPERS and submit this form and a copy of your completed resignation form to the Payroll Services Branch. The Payroll Services Branch will certify your information and forward the form to CalPERS.

The resignation form must be submitted to your worksite or to the Classified Employment Transactions Services Branch. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR RESIGNATION FORM TO CALPERS.

It is extremely important that you carefully follow the instructions issued by the Employee Benefits Branch regarding continuation of health benefits. If instructions are not followed, your health benefits may be cancelled.

If you have accumulated vacation hours you are entitled to receive a lump sum vacation payment from Payroll. Please remind your time reporter to time report your lump sum vacation to the Payroll Services Branch.

Eligible employees will receive a retirement bonus. If you are entitled to receive this bonus, it is automatically generated by Payroll Services and you should receive the bonus within approximately forty-five days from the date of your retirement.