Tutorial on Updating Virus Definitions with LAUSD Norton AntiVirus

Please note that these instructions applies only to Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, NT4.0, 2000, and XP (Professional & Home Editions) operating systems. Please disregard if you are using a Macintosh. Macintosh instructions go here.

Here is a checklist to see if your virus definitions settings are correct:
Load LAUSD Norton AntiVirus OPTION 1
Click on .

Go to .

Go to .

Click on .

The program window will appear on your screen.


Double-click on the gold shield in the icon tray usually located in the lower, right-hand corner of your screen:

The program window will appear on your screen.

Norton AntiVirus Screen
Configure LiveUpdate Click on .
The LiveUpdate window appears:

Click on 
Configuration Window The dot should be next to "The Internet Options in the Control Panel."

Click on the tab named Proxy.
The dot should be next to "I don't connect to the Internet through a proxy server."

If you made any changes, click on APPLY, then OK. If you made no changes, just click on OK.
You are back at the Configure LiveUpdate window.
Configure LiveUpdate
Click on NEXT.
Please wait until you see the screen below.

Click on FINISH.
Close Norton AntiVirus
Click on EXIT.
Finished In theory, your antivirus definitions are current. To verify, open the Norton AntiVirus program again and notice the date to the left of the LiveUpdate button. Please note that the displayed date may not be exactly on the day you perform the LiveUpdate. However, the date should fall within a week prior to the day of performing the LiveUpdate but no more. After performing a LiveUpdate and you still have a date that is more than a week old of the day of performing the LiveUpdate, please check if you can connect to the network and/or if your proxy settings need to be reconfigured. 
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