Symptoms of LAUSD Norton Corporate Edition being Disabled

These instructions applies to Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition operating on the Windows operating system. These instructions are not applicable to the Macintosh.

Gold Shield Do you have the gold shield in the task tray? Please note that you are interested in the gold shield only. You may not have the other icons shown in these examples. Please disregard since those icons are irrelevant to this discussion.

Example 1:
Does it look like the example above or like the ones below?

Example 2:

Example 3:

If your shield looks like Example 1, Norton AntiVirus is enabled and running but do check if the antivirus definitions are current.

If your shield looks like Examples 2, 3 or you have no shield, then go to the next step.

Turn on Norton AntiVirus Go to .

Go to .

Go to 

Click on .

The Norton AntiVirus program will load.

If you cannot find these items on your start menu, then it is highly likely that Norton AntiVirus is not installed on your computer. But, there is one more check to verify that.

Please load LAUSD Norton AntiVirus on your computer as soon as possible. Please note that if your computer has already been infected with a virus, the installation may fail.

Norton AntiVirus Screen Please note there is no check mark next to "Load Norton AntiVirus Services" below.

Click the square to place a check mark there. It should look like the screen below.

Won't Turn On If your Norton AntiVirus cannot enable and the task bar still appears the same after doing the above, then please contact your computer technical support person.