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Learn How to Integrate Computers into your Classroom
Registration will close the day before the first class (face-to-face orientation) meeting.

Please read all sections carefully!

OPD provides LAUSD educators professional development opportunities via the Internet. We have trained Online Professional Development Specialists (OPDS) who will facilitate your learning for each course.

All courses are introductory workshops for teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists and professional development specialists. Participants may earn two salary points after successful completion of 32 hours of online instruction, two (2) face-to-face meetings*, 64 hours of required outside assignments, and completion & submittal of an online course survey. To receive credit, the course you select must be relevant to your current position.

*Workshop participants must attend the two face-to-face (F2F) meetings: one before (orientation meeting) and one after (culmination meeting) the online course.



Please visit for instructions on using the online registration system PDDSS. Workshops and descriptions are found on PDDSS. Search the Course Catalog under the "program" (OPD) Online Professional Development.

All courses are introductory workshops for teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists and professional development specialists.

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Log into PDDSS for meeting dates and location.

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Registration [back to top]

PDDSS is behind the firewall and will be inaccessible from your home without a LAUSD account. It is strongly recommended that you obtain a LAUSD account. An application is available for download on the "Tech Support" tab on the LAUSD homepage.

Registration is for active District employees ONLY! We are piloting a new registration process. Go to and follow steps to register for workshops. (We recommend that you allow yourself about 5-10 minutes to become familiar with the new registration process.) Due to the time commitment of online courses, registration is limited to one (1) course per quarter. No faxed, phoned or mailed registration requests will be accepted. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail within 24 hours, please contact Steve Boyle at (213) 241-2097 or by e-mail at

ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED TO 25 PARTICIPANTS PER COURSE! Classes with less than 15 people enrolled will be canceled.

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We strongly recommend that your hardware meets the System Requirements outlined above to avoid system freezes and lengthy page loading. Please refer to the matrix below to troubleshoot technical problems.

Possible Reason
If All Else Fails, Contact
Cannot connect to network (Internet) Various Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), i.e. AOL, Earthlink, LAUSDnet, etc...
Cannot connect to URL Site may be down. Check again in 20-30 minutes Course Facilitator
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