Marine Science at Fort MacArthur

A Program of the Los Angeles Unified School District
Division of Educational Services - Mathematics and Science

Environmental Field Science

Jeanine Mauch, Director, Center for Marine Studies


"The Marine Science at Fort MacArthur program was created by a group of Los Angeles Unified School District teachers who felt it was of paramount importance that students be able to come and share the love that we have of the ocean," says Jeanine Mauch, Director of the Center for Marine Studies. "This program is one of a series of field science programs that teach students data collecting and analysis techniques, which can be used to study any environment. Fourth through twelfth grade teachers are trained by UCLA, and then teach data collection protocols to the students in their classrooms before beginning the three-day program at the beach.

"The geology and resources of the San Pedro region are very unique, which allows students to study objects and events that can't be found in other parts of the Southern California area," explains Mauch.

"One day is spent at the Marine Mammal Care Center where students observe seals and sea lions and take part in lab activities in the Center's classroom. They visit Cabrillo Aquarium, and they conduct labs on both a sandy beach and a rocky beach.

"They also go out on a boat to take samples in deep water of the animals that live there, and then compare what they find in each of the areas. In addition, the students supply the data to us so that we can track the health of the ocean in our long term study of the San Pedro region."

Jeanine Mauch adds, "First and foremost, the program hopes students leave here with a love and appreciation for the life in the ocean, and a realization of how important it is to our planet that the ocean be a healthy place. We also hope they take the science techniques learned here and study the environment wherever they are - whether at the beach, in a forest, or on a city street."

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