FOSS Kits:
Ready .... Set .... Science!

A Program of the Los Angeles Unified School District

Science Kits for Elementary Teachers


FOSS stands for "Full Option Science Systems." It is a K-5 program designed to help all elementary teachers teach science. Niane Greene, who has used FOSS kits in her 52nd Street Elementary School classroom, says that "FOSS integrates other curriculum areas to make it easier to do science." FOSS is a hands-on, inquiry-based science program ­ it is a problem-based learning system.

Special California FOSS kits have been developed to correlate the state standards in the areas of life science, physical science, earth science, and scientific research and technology. The compact, easy-to-use kits reflect the FOSS philosophy, which is that any good instruction for elementary school children begins with the concrete, that you must have an experience before you can describe that experience, before you can reflect on it and move into abstract thinking.

The Los Angeles Urban Systemic program offer teacher workshops in FOSS. Teachers can borrow the appropriate standards based kit for a 2-month period, from one of the sixMath, Science and Technology Centers in the District. Each kit comes with a teacher guide, as well as a teacher preparation video that demonstrates exactly what to do.

With most FOSS kits, students are given the materials to learn about the content. The students work in teams, giving them the opportunity to communicate with each other, developing both oral and written language skills.


Samples of other FOSS kits available through the MST Centers are:

Life Science Physical Science Earth Science
Grade 5 Food & Nutrition Mixtures & Solutions Water
Grade 4 Human Body Magnetism & Electricity Earth Materials
Grade 3 Structures of Life Measurement Ideas and Inventions
Grade 2 Insects Balance & Motion Pebbles, Sand & Silt
Grade 1 New Plants Solids & Liquids Air & Weather
Kindergarten Trees, and Animals 2x2

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