MST Workshops
  • Centers encourage teachers to attend their professional development workshops. By attending, teachers can log time towards the 30 hours required to earn 1 salary point.
  • All of our workshops are aligned with the California Standards for Mathematics and Science and many of the workshops reinforce California English Language Arts Standards.
  • All reservations made by fax or mail only. No phone reservations will be taken for these workshops.

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Mathematics and science instruction in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are brought to life through the rich resources available at the six district Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) Centers.

The goal of the MST Centers is to enhance the mathematics and science learning experience for all LAUSD students and teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade. The Centers are guided by Los Angeles Urban Systemic Program (LAUSP) Advisors whose experiences range from kindergarten to high school, mathematics to science. We are currently serving over 12,000 teachers a year, providing classroom materials, professional development, and support.

Mathematics and Science Materials

We feel that the best way to enhance the learning experience for students is to make the content "come alive." In science and mathematics instruction, when students can actually manipulate materials with their hands, explore a concept, investigate a problem or observe it first-hand, the lesson has a deeper, more personal, meaning and one that won't easily be forgotten. For this reason, the Centers house a plethora of mathematics and science materials that are available for district teachers to check out free of charge for two-weeks.

We have microscopes, plant and animal specimens, skeletons, shells, rocks, mathematics manipulatives, calculators, probes and sensors, books - items that will encourage students' curiosity so they will delve a little deeper into the concepts they're learning.

Other Resource Materials

There are many ways to engage students in personal inquiry and make the subject matter meaningful. Along with mathematics and science materials, we have other materials that link various disciplines together. For example, we have literature books that allow students to polish their reading skills while solving mathematical problems. There are guides that teach geometry through multi-cultural art experiences and science as it is linked to history. To offer opportunities to study a topic in greater depth, we loan elementary science kits to teachers for a 10-week period. Topics include titles such as 'Balance and Motion,' 'Air and Weather,' and 'Levers and Pulleys.'"

Peer Support and On-site Training

Each day the Centers are open, they buzz with activity. Teachers congregate in the professional library to peruse materials and network - we are committed to encouraging teachers to reflect on their own classroom practices in mathematics and science, and to dialogue with their colleagues as they do so. Resource teachers and staff assistants are always on hand to help the classroom teacher with problems and to guide them to materials. Teachers can use the computers, review software and receive technology training on-site.

Professional Development

One of the most important jobs of the MST Centers is to help the teachers become better teachers by staying on top of the latest developments in content information and teaching strategies. We provide a variety of stimulating, standards-based, teacher workshops that occur on a regular basis, both after school and on week-ends.

Model Programs and Community Partnerships

The six MST Centers also host school visits, work with parents, and arrange school-based professional development sessions. Many partners from business, museums, colleges and universities work through the MST Centers to support mathematics and science instruction in district schools.

Our first priority is to support the teachers, and we love what we do. All Los Angeles Unified School District teachers are invited - encouraged - to visit us!