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History - Social Science: Economics

 Archive for the History of Economic Thought



This academic site contains a collection of historical documents on economics listed by author of the documents.

 The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences



This site contains information about the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences including information about all Laureates in economics.

 Economics America



This National Council of Economic Education site contains on-line lessons, publications, and national standards in Economics.

 Foundation for Teaching Economics



This site contains lesson plans for teachers, information for students, and resource links related to economics.

 Great Economic Lessons



This site contains a variety of economics' lessons by grade level.

 Martha's List of On-line Economics Lessons



This directory created by Martha Hopkins from James Madison University links to a number of on-line lesson plans on economics.

 National Business Education Association



This site contains standards, curriculum, and policy guidelines related to business education.

 National Institute for Consumer Education



The National Institute for Consumer Education site contains educational materials, professional development information, and description of programs related to consumer education.

 On-line Economics Lessons for High School Students



This site contains an economics glossary, text, and list of lessons.

 United States Department of Commerce



The home page of the U.S. Department of Commerce contains a wealth of information related to commerce and economics.

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