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Internet Explorer Resources

 Tutorial IE5



A tutorial for IE5 in the Classroom.

 Exploring the Internet



Microsoft's Exploring the Internet home page provides the fundamentals.

 Download Internet Tools



Download Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet tools.

 Explorer Guide



This web site offers a guide and tutorial to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 web browser suite.

 Explorer Accessories



Web Accessories add new features and functionality to Internet Explorer 5.

 Explorer Years Top Software



 A panel of teachers and family testers named the Internet Explorer 4.0 Web browser among the year's top software in education in Technology & Learning's annual School Software Awards of Excellence.

 Using IE in Lessons



 This is a very commercial site, but a great resource for teachers for using IE in their lessons.

 Great Sites for Teachers



Super Internet sites recommended by teachers for teachers.

 Explorer Features



Internet Explorer 5.5 features and functioned defined.

 Curriculum Ideas



Resources (curriculum ideas, teaching themes, lesson plans, etc.) for teachers using Internet Explorer.

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