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The Arts

 Art History



A comprehensive page of art history resources categorized by historic time periods and geographical areas, this site includes links to artists, prints, photos, research, and journals.

 Arts Connected



A product of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Center, and MCI, this site contains art collections, libraries, and archives.

 Arts Education Partnership



A coalition of education, arts, business, philanthropic and government agencies, the Arts Education Partnership promotes the role of arts education in the positive development of students, helping them to succeed in life, school, and work.




The Getty's Art Education web site includes lesson plans and curriculum, image galleries and exhibitions, and a discussion group for art teachers and learners.

 The Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge



The ArtsEdge web site sponsored by the Kennedy Center includes art news items, teaching materials, and professional resources related to the arts.

 Los Angeles County High School for the Arts



This informational site about the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts provides specialized instruction and training in dance, music, theater and visual arts.

 Metropolitan Museum of Art



This collection of art includes 3,500 images, 50 selected from each of the museum's curatorial departments, as well as recent acquisitions and a director's tour.

 National Gallery of Art



The teacher's section of the National Gallery of Art web site includes classroom activities, indepth studies, exhibition brochures, and teaching programs.

 PBS TeacherSource: Arts and Literature



The Arts and Literature section of the PBS TeacherSource web site includes a wide range of lessons and activities in dance, music, theater, and visual arts.

Subject Resources

The following directories contain lists of annotated resources for the specific subjects.

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