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Assistive Technology Curriculum

Questions and answers by IDEA Partnerships for teachers.

The key to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units, and other education resources on the Internet.

Word Prediction Collection from the Library of National Center to Improve Practices in Special Education through Technology, Media, and Materials (NCIP).

English Resources from the United Kingdom provides free resources for teaching and revising English language and literature.

 CAST Resources



CAST lists resources that include supported learning tools and instructional software with some Universal Design for Learning features.

Listserv and home site for Assistive Technology Outcomes is dedicated to the development, evaluation, and application of valid, reliable, and sensitive outcome measure tools.

Tech Innovation 2000 program draft includes speakers, schedules, workshops, and pre-registration.

 NCIP Site



Special Education resources.

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education (NCIP) home site includes library, video profiles, guided tours, online classes and workshops, and events.

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