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Courage: An Expository Essay Lesson Plan
Students will research, conduct interviews, and write an expository essay on a person living or dead whom they believe embodies courage (such as Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King or Amelia Earhart).

Courage: An Expository Essay

On-line Resources

  • Courage
    Elementary students compiled a list of books with examples of courage. Titles range from The Little Engine That Could to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Courage Center
    A medical rehabilitation center dedicated to people with sensory and physical impairments. "One day, all people will live, work, learn and play in a community based on abilities not disabilities." - Mission Statement
  • Teaching Guide: Courage
    This guide includes a self-evaluation, discussion questions, and writing assignments from the teaching guide for the video Courage in the In Search of Character video series.
  • Gettysburg: Stories of Monumental Courage
    This broadcast for students and teachers presents first-hand accounts of residents during the battle of Gettysburg. Questions to consider at the bottom of student's broadcast pages provide rich discussion opportunities.
  • Think Different Webquest
    This webquest analyzes the lives of individuals featured in Apple Computer's Think Different campain. Students are asked to create biographies
  • What is Courage?
    William Ian Miller, the author of "The Mystery of Courage" offers reflection on the virtue following the September 11, 2001 in this article published in the February 2002 issue of The Magazine at
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