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Guides to Great Artists Lesson Plan
Students will research a famous artist and author a pamphlet about their artist using a template created with Microsoft Word. Students will also create a piece of artwork in the style of their artist which will be included in their pamphlet and in a class-wide electronic art gallery where everyone's finished artwork will be displayed.

Guides to Great Artists

Lesson Plan Attachments

On-line Resources

  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts
    Exhibitions, timelines, inspiration, and related events.
  • Cyber-Nation
    Great quotes by Pablo Picasso
  • Picasso
    A biography, paintings, sculptures, etchings, and illustrations by Picasso.
  • The Artchive
    The early works, the Blue Period, The Rose Period, the Beginnings of Cubism, Analytical Cubism, Synthetic Cubism, The time between the Wars, Picasso the legend, and the Late Works of Picasso.
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