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Cell Biology: Cell Structures and Their Functions Lesson Plan
Students will discover the basic organelles of both plant and animal cells and how they function and interact with one another. They will learn about each organelle by researching the organelle with a teammate and then presenting their findings to the entire class using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will be able to explain how each cell acquires energy and how the cell converts the energy so it can do the work of the cell.

Cell Biology: Cell Structures And Their Functions

Lesson Plan Attachments

On-line Resources

  • Prokaryotes
    A Biology4Kids web page that explains prokaryotic cells.
  • Eukaryotic Cells
    A web page devoted to the explanation of eukaryotic cells that includes a labeled diagram.
  • Eukaryotic Animal Cell
    Features definition and illustration of eukaryotic cell.
  • Cells Alive!
    Web site devoted to definition of various types of cell organells.
  • ThinkQuest, Cellular Biology
    A good site devoted to definition of various cells that includes illustrations of each.
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