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Illuminated Poetry Lesson Plan
During this lesson, students will analyze the figurative language in a poem of their choosing and deliver an oral explication of the poem, using PowerPoint to illustrate the use of figurative language by the poet. Students should be familiar with figurative language terms such as metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, and others at the teacher's discretion.

Illuminated Poetry

Lesson Plan Attachments

On-line Resources

  • The Academy of American Poets
    An archive of poetry can be found at the Academy of American Poets' website. This site is particularly noteworthy because it has an archive of poets reading their own poetry (see "Listening Booth.")
  • InfoPlease
    A glossary of poetry terms, with detailed examples for each term.
  • Quia Web
    Quia (Quintessential Instructional Archive) Web offers thousands of learning activities, including a set of "Poetry Term Flashcards." Great for allowing students to practice their terms, and teachers can create their own activities.
  • Microsoft Design Gallery Live
    Microsoft Design Gallery Live contains thousands of images suitable for downloading directly into the Microsoft Clipart Gallery. Students can search for clipart, photos, or graphics to use in their presentations.
  • Online Poetry Classroom
    This site, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, contains lesson plans and information about workshops offered by the AAP.
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