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The Sumerians

Lesson Plan Attachments

The Sumerians Lesson Plan
Using PowerPoint to create a presentation of their own museum exhibit, students will study the beginnings of civilization including the geography of the region, the major river systems, and the physical settings that supported permanent settlement of the Sumerians in the Mesopotamia area in the Near East. They will trace the development of agricultural techniques that permitted the production of economic surplus and the emergence of cities as centers of culture and power as well as understand the relationship between religion and the social and political order. They will also learn about the language and its written forms.

On-line Resources

  • Nancy Mautz's Creative Impulse
    This resource page includes many links to history, maps, art, religion, daily life, and cultural areas.
  • The History Guide
    This resource was created as an online textbook and includes a number of Internet sites for additional research.
  • Brigham Young University
    This is a short PowerPoint presentation that includes some pictures of Sumerian buildings.
  • Ellie Crystal
    This website includes pictures and information on archaeological discoveries, art, religion, architecture, and more.
  • The Learning Network
    This site provides an encyclopedia description of Sumer.
  • Ali al-Sammawy
    The creator of this website has tried to collect as much information about the Iraqi history as he was able because he believes that to understand the situation in a certain country, you need to acquire a proper knowledge of the history of that country.
  • Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
    This resource includes some pictures of the items in the museum exhibit.
  • Fundooz
    This site is written for upper elementary/middle school students.
  • John A. Halloran
    This page is a large list of links to Ancient Mesopotamia sites.
  • Tore Kjeilen, Editor of Encyclopedia of the Orient
    This site has an easy-to-read timeline of the Sumerian Civilization.
  • IraqiMusic DotCom
    This site includes a list of Sumerian achievements.
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