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The Chinese During Medieval Times: 600-1300 A.D.

Lesson Plan Attachments

The Chinese During Medieval Times Lesson Plan
Students will study the civilization of China during Medieval times, between the years of 600 and 1300 A.D, determining how it influenced the economy, commerce, and travel at the time. Students will study how different dynasties came to power. They will study the importance of religion on the lives of the Chinese people and discuss the literature, art, music, and technology produced between 600 and 1300 A.D. They will link the past to the present by writing a newspaper article and share their learning with the class by giving an oral presentation.

On-line Resources

  • The Discovery Channel
    This commercial site has facts, history, and pictures of the Great Wall, including pictures from space. Some of the pictures are "panorama style" photos where the mouse is used as a panning control.
    The virtual tour is an interesting sequence of photos of different sections of the Great Wall, during different seasons and at different times of day. Note: promotes trade with China and provides China-related business services.
  • The Great Wall of China
    This site by Marilyn Shea, professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Maine at Farmington, Maine, offers a concise description and explanation of the building and purpose of the Great Wall.
  • The Great Wall
    Author Graham Hawker gives a personal impression (written as a diary or journal, with photos) of his 1994 visit to the Great Wall.
  • Walk the Great Wall
    Another site featuring "panorama style" photos by Peter Danford where the mouse can control pan and zoom functions. Note: Navigation from one photo to the next is performed by clicking on hidden links within the photos. The links are visible only when cursor is hovered over them.
  • Travel China Guide Company
    This site includes a large number of pictures in a photo gallery as well as factual information on the history, construction, and culture of the Great Wall. Note: The collection of over 90 photos is excellent, however, each has the sponsor's name ("Travel") prominently displayed in the middle, which may make them unsuitable for use in student projects.
  • Enchanted Learning
    This site is targeted to students, but has very simple content. It is easy to read, and includes links to several of the sites mentioned above.
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