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World Beat - Music in Cultures Worldwide Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students will research key aspects of the music of a variety of cultures. They will identify musical genres and styles of a selected culture, then select one representative musical genre to research. Students will identify and describe instruments used in that genre, the roles and places of musicians, and the functions music serves in the culture, recording their results in a Microsoft Excel matrix. In groups, students will compile comparative results from all cultures in a matrix. Finally, all students will participate in creating a class presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint to share how key aspects of music vary from culture to culture.

    Site devoted to music in this format, with a very broad range of music.
  •'s World Traditions
    This section of the MP3 site provides a great jumping off point to traditional music of cultures around the world. Free downloads of featured tracks for listening.
  • CD Universe
    Great music site selling CD's off all types. Excellent world music section. Bonus: Has Real Audio format previews of many CD's, allowing for free sampling of sounds.
  • Lycos Search Engine
    Lycos has a solid MP3 search engine. Search for MP3 files using key words related to a particular culture ("Cuban," "Balinese"), musical style or genre ("flamenco," "mariachi") or even instrument.
  • Rootster
    Portal for world music resources on the web.

On-line Resources

World Beat - Music in Cultures Worldwide

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