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The Buoyancy Challenge!

Lesson Plan Attachments

The Buoyance Challenge! Lesson Plan
Students will be introduced to the concepts of mass, volume, density and buoyancy. As students begin to understand the fundamental relationships of these four concepts, they will be asked to predict the density of a number of common objects and if they will float or sink in water. Students will complete the lesson by writing a report in Word that incorporates a spreadsheet and explains why certain objects float while other objects sink.

On-line Resources

  • NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators
    You can access a wide range of resources on space travel and related concepts through this portal for educators.
  • NASA Education Home Page
    This related NASA site provides numerous resources and links.
  • Google
    Google is a very useful search engine. Use the Advanced Search field to enter search strings related to this lesson, e.g., "density of liquid". You will obtain a number of strong results that can be the basis of exploration and study.
  • Bigchalk Library
    Features several pages on various objects and why they float or sink.
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