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PowerPoint Resources

This page contains "In and Out of the Classroom" tutorials for all the Office applications, including PowerPoint, contained in downloadable Word files. Use the PowerPoint tutorial to learn how to customize presentations, add multimedia content to slides, and save your presentation as a QuickTime movie or to the Web.

Lesson plans, tutorials, and other resources provided by Microsoft to help you bring technology into your classroom.

Home page for numerous Office Templates, including several for PowerPoint, for teachers, parents, and students.

This downloadable PDF file from the University of Illinois at Springfield provides an introduction to PowerPoint.

List of Frequently Asked Questions related to PowerPoint 2001 for Mac.

Portal for Mac-related Microsoft Resources. View information for Office Version X or Version 2001, Internet Explorer and Outlook. Connect to additional resources, support, and tools on the Web.

The Atomic Learning Library provides online software training for home, school, and business. They provide a number of free tutorials; you can also subscribe to acquire greater access to tutorials.

This help desk/tutorial site at the University of North Carolina provides a number of tutorials to help you learn and use PowerPoint.

Microsoft site providing numerous sound, image, and video clips for use in PowerPoint presentations.

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